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25 Everyday Objects You’ve Been Using Wrong The Entire Time





Sure, you’ve been using most of these objects your whole life. But what if we tell you that these 25 products are actually much more useful than we give credit them for?

We see these products on a daily basis but the truth is we’re not fully aware about the real purpose behind their designs.

Check out these awesome hacks and use these items like a boss next time around!

25. The Chinese takeout box unfolds into a plate.

misused-everyday-products 25

Photo credit: List25

No need to grab a dish as you arrive home with your takeout.

24. Wet paper towel helps cool your beverage faster.

misused-everyday-products 24

Photo credit: List25

This works well if you have a warm beer or soda and want it to cool down faster.

23. The Tic Tac container is a dispenser.

misused-everyday-products 23

Photo credit: List25

That ever-ubiquitous pack of freshness apparently has a little secret. Its container is its own dispenser!

22. Cup plungers are for sinks.

misused-everyday-products 22

Photo credit: List25

It’s really simple to remember – cups are for sinks, flanges are for toilets.

21. Can tabs are straw holders.

misused-everyday-products 21

Photo credit: List25

The problem with soda cans is that straws bob around them. Unless, of course, you know this hack.

20. Pot handle holes are for wooden spoons.

misused-everyday-products 20

Photo credit: List25

Yes, spoons fit perfectly in those holes.

19. You can cut several cherry tomatoes at once – with a lid.

misused-everyday-products 19

Photo credit: List25

This trick lets you cut up to 15 tomatoes at once. Give it a try and make your life easier!

18. Foil box tabs function as locks.

misused-everyday-products 18

Photo credit: List25

You can prevent aluminum roll from yanking out the box by pushing the perforated tabs.

17. Tying extension cords in a knot is a good idea.

misused-everyday-products 17

Photo credit: List25

Keep your cords together with this simple hack.

16. Pea-sized toothpaste is enough.

misused-everyday-products 16

Photo credit: List25

Ask any dental expert and you’ll find out a dab of toothpaste is usually enough.

15. Folding Greek yogurt container gets those toppings out.

misused-everyday-products 15

Photo credit: List25

That always does the trick. Try it and enjoy this yogurt all over again.

14. Applesauce lids can be used as spoons.

misused-everyday-products 14

Photo credit: List25

No need to find a plastic spoon if you’re eating outdoors.

13. Peanut butters should be stored upside down.

misused-everyday-products 13

Photo credit: List25

That way, the oil distributes properly.

12. Peeling a banana should be from the opposite side.

misused-everyday-products 12

Photo credit: List25

Your whole life is a lie.

11. Wooden spoons can prevent spillovers.

misused-everyday-products 11

Photo credit: List25

Put one on top of the pot and you’ll never experience spillovers again.

10. Cup lids are coasters.

misused-everyday-products 10

Photo credit: List25

We bet you didn’t know this one, too.

9. Toilet seat cover flaps should be in front.

misused-everyday-products 9

Photo credit: List25

Do this and the cover will stay in place.

8. Pulling sides of the juice box prevents spilling.

misused-everyday-products 8

Photo credit: List25

It’s really as simple as that.

7. Ketchup tubs can hold more ketchup.

misused-everyday-products 7
Unfold these tiny wax paper containers and you’ve just unlocked their full potential.

6. Use a straw to remove strawberry leaves.

misused-everyday-products 6
A drinking straw shoved through the fruit’s pointy end will push the leaves out.

5. Hold the elevator’s “door close” button and you’ll get straight to your floor.

misused-everyday-products 5

Photo credit: List25

This one helps if you’re terribly late – or in an emergency.

4. Coke can be used for cleaning.

misused-everyday-products 4

Photo credit: List25

The caffeinated beverage can be used for cleaning car batteries, blood stains on fabric, greasy pans, and many more.

3. Beer can polish your furniture.

misused-everyday-products 3

Photo credit: List25

Wooden furniture will look new again if you use beer to polish it.

2. “Empty” ink cartridges can still be used.

misused-everyday-products 2

Photo credit: List25

Wooden furniture will look new again if you use beer to polish it.

1. Staple removers can hold key rings.

misused-everyday-products 1

Photo credit: List25

Those key rings will no longer be as annoying. Just use a staple remover.

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