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24 Celebrities Who Are Much Shorter Than We Thought





Celebrities live a very hectic life, so we don’t really get to meet them in common places. In fact, there’s a high chance that a lot of us would only see them in movies, music videos, and TV and online appearances.

Since we don’t get to see most of these Hollywood superstars in person, we don’t really know what they look like underneath their makeup, glamorous dresses, and movie tricks. Here are 25 celebrities we didn’t realize were short in real life.

1. Kit Harington — 5’7″

Kit Harington instantly became a heartthrob after his appearance as Jon Snow in “Game of Thrones.” While he is as handsome in real life, people were quite shocked that he’s on the shorter side.

2. Elijah Wood — 5’6″

3. Martin Freeman — 5’6″

4. Daniel Radcliffe — 5’5″

Daniel grew up right in front of our eyes. Although he, Emma Watson (Hermione Granger), and Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley) started the “Harry Potter” franchise with almost identical heights, Emma and Rupert noticeably grew a lot taller than the lead star in each installment.

5. Bruno Mars — 5’5″

Why do you think he wears hats all the time? It creates an illusion that he’s a lot taller than he really is.

6. Josh Hutcherson — 5’5″

7. Mila Kunis — 5’4″

8. Seth Green — 5’4″

9. Amanda Seyfried — 5’3″

I thought she was tall!

10. Rooney Mara — 5’3″

11. Lucy Liu — 5’3″

12. Emilia Clarke — 5’2″

13. Eva Longoria — 5’2″

To be quite honest, I thought she was a lot shorter than this.

14. Kim Kardashian — 5’2″

15. Kevin Hart — 5’2″

I think his height added a lot to the comedic side of his characters.

16. Prince — 5’2″

17. Lady Gaga — 5’1″

I was shocked when I found out Lady Gaga’s height years ago.

18. Reese Witherspoon — 5’1″

19. Christina Ricci — 5’1″

20. Kristen Bell — 5’1″

I wonder if Princess Anna is quite short as well.

21. Ellen Page — 5’1″

22. Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen — 5’1′ and 5’0″, respectively

They were the first celebrities I knew that are this short.

23. Chandra Wilson — 5’0″

24. Jada Pinkett Smith — 5’0″

Fun fact: Will Smith is 6′ 2″

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