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22 Upgrades For Everyday Things That We’ve Always Wanted





There are a lot of daily inconveniences we all have grown so accustomed to that they simply fade into the background of our lives. Sure, things are being improved continuously but there’s still quite a few that need to be upgraded.

Some upgrades might not be the most glamorous things, but they could have a significant impact on your life. Here are 22 upgrades for everyday things we have always wanted.

1. Charging drawer.

2. A holder for your phone while you shop.

3. “This shopping cart at the supermarket near my house has a magnifying glass on it for reading the small print on labels.”

4. “Grandpa’s pillbox and bottle all in one.”

5. A vending machine that sells Wi-Fi codes that are valid for 24 hours. This exists in Germany.

6. Trajectory projection for a pool table.

7. Blurring the background in Skype.

8. “Autopilot saves my model 3 from an accident!”

9. “My grocery store uses LCD screens for their price stickers.”

10. Notebooks and pencils that you can use forever. Mother nature will thank you for this.

11. Sunglasses with stickers to show what face shape the style is recommended for.

12. Fee wireless chargers integrated into every seat in the airport.

13. This daycare center has a kid-sized door .
14. Ten-way USB adapter.

15. The Dog Mode by Tesla sets a comfortable temperature for your furry pal.

16. Escalator for carts.

17. Salt and pepper shaker.

18. “The shower head in the shower of my hotel room tells me the exact temperature of the water.”

19. Special bags to avoid cosmetic stain on clothing.

20. A technology that shows a 3D model of an object on a screen while using special glasses.

21. The Opté makeup printer only puts foundation with SPF in the necessary spots.

22. Shorts with a built-in makeup bag.

Which of these upgrades do you like the most? Let us know in the comment section below!

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