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30 Brilliant Ideas That Should Be Applied Everywhere

#28 is too awesome!

Modern problems need modern solutions. With all our daily happenings, life had become much more complicated and sometimes when you happened to step out of your comfort zone, you would feel pretty hopeless.

Little tricks can be beneficial and can take away some of your everyday stress. Here are 30 brilliant ideas that should be applied everywhere.

1. The bathroom at my doctor’s office has a discreet way for victims of abuse, violence or human trafficking to get help.

2. A sign in the women’s bathroom for those who feel unsafe on a date.

3. “My local vet has a sign and a candle for when someone’s pet is dying.”

4. This park has a swing for wheelchair users.

5. These lines go up the wall and help drivers to park perfectly in between lanes.

6. A color blind viewer.

7. In Singapore, the elderly are given more time to pass through pedestrian when they show their identity card to the machine.

8. My mom’s 3D printed cast which even permits her to take a shower with it.

9. This toilet flushes by using a foot.

10. Hexagonal graph paper for Organic chemistry.

11. “My grocery store started selling overripe, discount bananas with a recipe for banana bread on the bag.”

12. A dish soap that lists the purpose of each ingredient.

13. A shop that gives you the options to have an assistant or to shop by yourself.

14. A Rubix cube for the blind.

15. Fire evacuation plans set at the ground level of a hotel. You would be able to see it even if the hallways if filled with smoke.

16. Washing your hands to flush toilet.

17. Supermarket trolleys with a map of the supermarket.

18. A stall for the dog outside a supermarket in Copenhagen.

19. This floor is perfectly flat but designed like this to stop people from running in the hallways.

20. A public bike stand with a built-in pump.

21. A bathroom that uses light to let you know if a stall is in use.

22. A CVS vending machine is full of medicine and hygiene products.

23. A car wash that has a gun for kids that shoots soap suds at the cars going into the car wash.

24. A business card for kids who are allowed to go to places by themselves.

25. A pizza box that can be torn in half and folded to create a smaller box for leftovers.

26. A car park in France that has soft barriers between parking spaces to stop people from scratching other cars.

27. The inside of a pizza box is a Tuxedo.

28. A menu card in an Italian restaurant that shows the way how each pizza would look like.

29. A classroom that has a mirror in front of Teacher’s counter so that students can see when he is cooking.

30. A shoe shop that has an area to test your new shoes, containing Lego.

Which of these brilliant ideas impressed you the most? Let us know in the comment section below!


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