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16 Tiny Apartment Hacks That Can Save You A Lot Of Space





Having a tiny apartment can be a good thing. In fact, tiny homes have achieved popularity these past several years among homeowners because they’re cheaper and easier to maintain. You just need to organize it right to make your modest residence become perfectly suitable for living, working, and everything else you want to do.

Whether you’re attempting to make the most of a small space or simply want to increase the functionality of your home, there are plenty of ways to minimize clutter and maximize utility in style. Here are 16 clever ideas that can save a lot of space in a tiny apartment.

1. Convertible types of furniture.

2. Replace your coffee table with an end table.

3. Hang your bike..

4. Reduce the number of pieces of your cups, plates, bowls, etc.

5. Hang a couple of doors to divide space.

6. Hang other items rather than bulking them up inside the drawer.

7. Organization is the key.

8. Install a slide out kitchen cabinet for your spices and sauces.

9. Choose a machine that offers bother washing and drying.

10. Use the space under your bed as a storage area.

11. Remove cabinet doors for a more open space.

12. Opt for a light-colored theme to make your apartment appear bigger.

13. Put a fake wall or hang a curtain behind your bed to make your own walk-in closet.

14. A mini fridge is a better option.

15. Add mirrors for an illusion of a wider space.

16. Build a loft to make use of all the space in the room.

Even the tiniest homes have plenty of room to expand. You see, everything has a solution. You just need to know what’s best for your space.

Just because you’re living in a tiny apartment, that doesn’t mean that you can not live comfortably. The possibilities are endless if you use your imagination!

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