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21 Amazing Surrealistic Animal Drawings By A Dutch Artist





Surrealism is an artistic discipline that merges fantasy and reality. For those who don’t know, Surrealism is a 1920’s cultural movement that involves unnerving, illogical scenes drawn very realistically. This may include strange creatures painted in a twisted way that often doesn’t make any sense.

Using this method, Redmer Hoekstra, an amazing artist from Netherlands, tried to incorporate animals in his fantastic drawings. Below are several of his artworks featuring animals, books, keyboards, vehicles, etc, merged in the most bizarre ways.

1. Elephant and human fused in the most bizarre way.

2. Handshaking with horse-thumbs.

3. This giraffe is mysteriously evolving into a tree.

4. These shoes are turning into this lion’s mane.

5. This bizarre looking monkey is eating so much at once he’s slowly turning into a burger.

6. A banana blue whale with a ship on its back.

7. Peacock wearing a glamorous tail made from fish.

8. Lonely woman with an octopus over-mind.

9. Armadillo rocking intimidating cobblestone armor.

10. Cute owl flying using its wings made from books.

11. Lizard with scales made from keyboard keys.

12. Rhinoceros augmented with train parts.

13. Fancy a dove-tea, my dear?

14. Cobblestones evolving into frogs.

15. Cabinet safari

16. Wind-up music crab with a mini ballet dancer.

17. The crow is watching you with multiple human eyes on its back.

18. Amazing rhinoceros ship walker.

19. One dried Bird-tinni, please. Shaken, not stirred.

20. Zeppelin butterfly that perfectly fits the Leviathan books.

21. This bird is merged with a building.

Fantastic, isn’t it? The most amazing thing in Surrealist artworks is that they often have this power to evoke unease when you’re looking at them. If you’re interested to see more designs from Redmer Hoekstra, you can check out his portfolio website.

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