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35 Photos from 2017 Bird Photographer of the Year You Don’t Want to Miss

Not only will you appreciate the art of photography, but also the beauty of these creatures.


















Bird 31

Bird 32

Bird 34

Bird 35

The Bird Photographer of the Year offers a whopping cash prize of £5,000 ($6,500 USD) to the winning entry. The runner-ups, however, are promised with merchandise, equipment, and even smaller amount of cash.

BTO chief executive Andy Clements had this to say:

Bird Photographer of the Year aims to celebrate the artistry of bird photography and aid conservation by supporting the valuable work carried out by the BTO.”

According to BoredPanda, the organization has compiled the winning and short-listed entries for a special photobook. Its 2017 edition is in fact available already. The profits from the photobook’s sales will directly go to the BTO’s bird conservation efforts.


Police Dog Fired For Being Too Friendly, Gets Fancy New Job

And he’s been doing pawsome work!




Dogs are not just man's best friend, they also make great partners in police work. Now, no matter how much we love them, not all our canine friends are fit to become police dogs. Just take Gavel, a German Shepherd from Queensland, Australia, for example.

Dear Gavel was unfortunately let go from his police dog training when he was ruled, well, too friendly. The pooch was just too sociable and nice to scare away the bad guys.

The staff at the official residence of the Queensland governor, where Gavel was training, thought the dog had a better future performing a different job.

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Who Is The Most Stupid Here? Each Of Your Choices Can Reveal A Part Of Your Personality

Each of your choices can reveal a part of your personality. Look at the picture and tell us, which of these four is the most stupid?

Sara Martinez



This week's social media debate seems to have been started by this simple picture. Since the photo began making its way around the Internet, the debate has ignited social media outlets. Some readers argued that the one in the photo whose action intends to harm himself is the most stupid at all, but everyone has a different opinion.

Look at the picture and tell us, which of these four is the most stupid? Each of your choices can reveal a part of your personality.

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Clever Dog Seen Roaming On Texas Streets With A Bag Of Dog Food During Hurricane Harvey

A woman took a photo of a dog roaming around the streets of Texas during the Hurricane Harvey carrying his food.

Donna Marie Padua



In times of catastrophe, there is nothing more necessary than an alert and calm mind to survive. We people should prepare for food, money, survival tools, and clothes to help us stay healthy until the disaster ends. However, due to panic and fear, some of us forget what we ought to do and these scenario has already led to many lives lost.

A hurricane sure sounds scary most especially when we don’t usually experience it in our region. Unfortunately, a big hurricane landed on Texas which, according to locals, was the strongest so far in the past five decades.

A dog was seen wandering around the streets of Texas during Hurricane Harvey and it captured the attention of many on social media.

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