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20 Hilarious Tweets That Perfectly Sums Up Adulting And It’s All Incredibly True

Adulting is real and it’s incredibly hard!






Adulting, this must be the hardest part of a person’s life where they have to act up their age and be responsible for the things they do. Find a job, go to work, pay your bills, buy the things you need, yeah just the things you need because you have to save.

Adulting also means you have to take of your own self. And by that, I mean, doing your own laundry, preparing your own food, washing your own dishes and list goes on. In short, you have to do everything on your own.

Now, I can feel your exasperated sigh. Luckily, you are not the only one who is complaining about adulting. In fact, there are a lot of us, I included. And so, check out these hilarious tweets that will make adulting look funny than it seems.

1. You’re still on the right track


2. That 11-year-old is now ready for adulting. You, however, is a different story


3. This is the very matured decision I’ve ever seen


4. That you’re too afraid to show in real life


5. Life is, indeed, complicated #adultingproblems


6. When puberty attacks


7. When you have to deal with everything that’s going in your life 🙁


8. Cause bills are everything that matters today


9. Hmmm … What is marriage? What is career? Do I need that?


10. Bring me back to the 90s!


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When Their Basement Collapsed, Woman Discovers The Craziest Secret Of Her Childhood Home

This Pennsylvania home has something hidden in its basement and it is BETTER than a treasure trove.




Have you ever dreamed of living in a house sitting just above a treasure trove? Many little girls and boys have. Some of them even scour their basements for treats and trinkets that may be of significance. Those who live in old houses or buildings are particularly lucky especially if their ancestors took good care of their home while living in a historically rich era.

But unlike them, Alexandra Poulos of Lansdowne, Pennsylvania believed during her entire life that their house is totally ordinary and that there is entirely nothing special in their basement. That is where she is wrong.

Is this Pennsylvania home sitting atop the Underground Railroad?

Is this Pennsylvania home sitting atop the Underground Railroad?

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Mind-Boggling Aerial Shots Capture The Lines That Divide The Rich and The Poor

These eye-opening photos showing the inequality in South Africa will leave you in shock!

Sara Martinez



Photographer Johnny Miller captures the disparity present in South Africa between rich and poor showing the striking differences between two sides highlighting the physical differences between the living situation of South African residents.

Using an Inspire 1 drone, he took his shots from up in the air of South Africa showing the deviation that could clearly be seen through his photo series, Unequal Scenes.


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Pearl Hunting Gone Absolutely Shocking! Find Out What This Woman Found Inside the Clam!

It is known that a clam can rarely produce pearls as oysters usually do so. However, a woman just experienced a big shocker with the wild card clam of Mother Nature…

Rachel Cariño



Mother Nature is filled with wanders and surprises which is why mankind should never ever take its provisions for granted. Authentic freshwater pearls are one of the most expensive jewelry pieces with the way it is intricately formed by nature. Because of this, a pearl has become the foremost metaphor for precious and unique value. A pearl that is smooth and perfectly round, it is without a doubt that such a gemstone contains high value. It is known that a clam can rarely produce pearls as oysters usually do so. However, a woman just experienced a big shocker with the wild card clam of Mother Nature…

Clam 1

A video of a woman has gone viral in the internet as she works to open up more than a fist – sized clam. Using a butcher knife, she worked to force the clam open hoping to find a pearl or two inside that could probably be worth a fortune. Looking back, a man once accidentally found a pearl in his clam stew and it was worth over $10,000! So perhaps, this woman had that exact thought.

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