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High School Holds “Adulting Day” for Students – With Lessons on How to Cook and Pay Bills

Bullitt Central High School made sure their seniors are equipped with the life skills they need – so they held an “Adulting Day”.

  • Many young adults today find it challenging to perform daily tasks such as cooking meals and changing car tires
  • A high school in Kentucky decided to teach students basic life skills by holding an “Adulting Day”
  • Seniors got to pick three “adulting” workshops they wanted to attend

If there’s one thing youngsters these days are finding difficult, it’s “adulting”. Many young people feel unequipped going out into the real world – not knowing how to pay bills, manage their finances, or even cook their own meals. And this is the challenge that Bullitt Central High School in Shepherdsville, Kentucky specifically wanted to address – by holding an “Adulting Day” for their students.

What’s an “Adulting Day”, you ask? Basically, it was a special day spent on learning about general, daily-life tasks such as how to pay bills, change tires, and cook simple meals. Aside from these, the students were also taught about general financial literacy, such as the proper use of credit cards. Members of the Army were also invited to provide information to the senior students about a possible career in the military.

Senior students of Bullitt Central High School learn about managing finances

The Bullitt Central High School Family Resource and Youth Services Center invited expert resource persons for the event. The students had a chance to select and attend three out of 11 workshops being offered during the event.

Through the knowledge and skills they learned from the workshops, the organizers hoped that the teens are more prepared about how they can survive in the “real world” after graduating from high school.

The “Adulting Day” of Bullitt Central High School has brought in positive feedback as evidenced by their Facebook post and by the national interest it has gained. Hopefully, more schools will adopt the idea!

If you were to organize an “Adulting Day” of your own, what topics would you like to discuss? Share your thoughts in the comment section!


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