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20 Brilliant Wallpaper Ideas To Hide Camera Cutout In New Samsung Phones





The Samsung Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10, and Galaxy S10+ were finally unveiled and users were given the chance to show off their creative side. These devices have the display cutout/hole punch for the front-facing cameras and some people found brilliant ways in what to do with it.

You can simply leave it as it is, or take a more creative approach and turn your wallpaper into something fun, cute, and a conversation starter. Here are 20 of the best wallpapers people have created to hide the camera cutout in new Samsung phones.

1. World’s controversial leaders
2. Nick Fury
3. Baymax: “Are you satisfied with your care?”
4. Wall-E
5. I couldn’t even tell where the cut-out was for a second.

The Galaxy S10e and Galaxy S10 have a single, circular cutout, while the Galaxy S10+ has a dual, elongated cutout. These holes present some challenges and opportunities when it comes to home screen wallpapers.

6. You can never go wrong with anything Futurama.
7. “Mmm… Donuts!”
8. Wait, there’s a cut-out?
9. Red Dea d Redemption
10. Swipe left to explore…

The most common is incorporating the cut-out as an eye of the character in the wallpaper. The most common characters being Wall-e, R2D2, and even Darth Vader.

11. Now we know why this one is quite popular.
12. Perfect fit.
13. Looks bananas.
14. Who is he spying this time?
15. This one is open for interpretation.

While Samsung’s new flagship range may have included powerful new hardware and impressive software, the new Infinity-O hole-punch display was likely to determine whether or not the Samsung Galaxy S10 range fell or flew on launch day.

Thankfully for the South Korean company, most owners are taking it well.

16. Lunar eclipse
17. “Bite my shiny metal a**.”
18. Oops.
19. Everybody loves Wall-E!
20. Long live Nintendo robot!

Which of these wallpapers did you like the most? Let us know in the comment section below!

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