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19 Inspiring Photos That Remind Us People Are Awesome

#2 got me teary-eyed.


With so much suffering and injustice in the world, it’s not hard to imagine why people are losing faith in each other. People can be really mean and inconsiderate, but that’s no reason to lose hope in humans.

These beautiful photos will have your faith in humanity restored and remind you that perhaps we aren’t all that bad, after all. Here are 19 inspiring photos that remind us people are awesome.

1. A little respect goes a long way.

People took off their shoes to watch a parade while standing on a bench.

2. Saved by strangers.

A man who wanted to jump off a bridge was stopped by strangers who held him until help arrived to get him down safely.

3. Sweet reunion.

A homeless man had lost his rat, Lucy. Civilians and police tried to find her and finally succeeded.

4. Amazing tribute.

A veterinarian bought crystals with her own money to decorate the paw prints they’d make for euthanized pets.

5. Meaningful tattoo.

This guy promised to donate nine gallons of blood, the exact amount his grandpa needed after he got into a car accident. After each gallon, he fills in a heart.

6. It’s not that hard to make other people happy.

She donated 30 inches of her hair to make wigs for children with cancer.

7. 5,000 heroes.

When Oscar was diagnosed with leukemia, 5,000 people spent several hours in the rain to donate their blood and check if their stem cells were suitable for transplantation. A donor was found and the boy was rescued!

8. Wow!

Musicians were so touched by a boy’s excited “Wow!” that they found him via social media and gave him the recording with his voice.

9. The newest member of the family.

“I found a kitten and brought it home. I was afraid that my parents would get mad at me but today I caught my father showing the family photos to the kitten.”

10. Time well spent.

“I stopped smoking 5 weeks ago and needed something to do with my hands, so I built this tree house for my little daughter. She loves it!”

11. We salute you, sir!

This 98-year-old war veteran isn’t able to come outside, so every year during a parade, the military orchestra comes to his balcony and greets him.

12. Gone but not forgotten.

A student decorated her graduation cap with a giant QR code that directs people to a list of students killed in school shootings.

13. Free coffee!

In this Australian cafe, you can exchange a bucket of beach plastic for a cup of coffee.

14. And free clothes!

In Ukraine, there’s a “clothes bank” where anyone can take clothes, shoes, and other items for free.

15. Fluffiest passenger.

“In my city, there’s a tradition for tram drivers to put Winnie the Pooh inside the tram when their new colleagues take their driving exams.”

16. Instant BFFs.

“My sister is in Egypt and had no friends to see the pyramids with so she took her Uber driver with her instead.”

17. Amazing save.

A fast-acting bus driver saved a student.

18. One step at a time.

“My friend picked up several bags of trash every day during his trip from Indiana to South America. He’s currently halfway through Central America and still cleaning up the world along the way.”

19. Mother instinct.

“My mom protecting a nest full of baby cardinals during a downpour”


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