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18 Interesting Photos That Will Show Life From A Different Perspective. Amazing!

When your problems seem to have no solution no matter what you do, try to look at it in a different perspective. Don’t know how? Read this to have an idea!

Not everything in the world are what they appear to be. Sometimes, people and things we encounter have something inside that can totally change how we view them. Case in point, we should not always choose the pretty, over-decorated cake over the plain bread – which in reality is much more moist, fluffier and delicious. We should try to look at things from a different perspective to know their true worth and for us to appreciate them better.

In the collection of photos below, we present to you various places, inventions and things that were captured from a perspective that is different from the usual. Through this, you will see how important it is to look at the entirety of things more frequently.

Here are the photos:

#1. Shanhaiguan District aka “Old Dragon’s Head”- the starting point of the Great Wall of China, which is located at the shore of the Bohai Sea


Photo credit: Imgur
#2. One of Google’s data centers – where all of the data of the online media giant is contained.


Photo credit: Imgur
#3. A caldera at the Erta Ale volcano in Ethiopia – where a huge lake of lava is situated.


Photo credit: Imgur
#4. Before and after X-ray film – the very obvious difference in the bone structure of a patient with scoliosis before and after treatment.


Photo credit: parsrah
#5. Mercury – the most precise photograph of the planet Mercury ever taken.


Photo credit: Huffpost
#6. Bagger 288 – behold the largest excavator in all of the world.


Photo credit: goodfon
#7. Communication cable – a communication device used under the water cut cross-sectionally.


Photo credit: buzzhand
#8. Nördlingen – a Bavarian town built inside a meteorite that crashed to the Earth approximately 14 billion years ago.


Photo credit: Imgur
#9. Fats and muscles – note how the same weight have very different space-occupying characteristics inside the body


Photo credit: Imgur
#10. Daytona Beach, Florida – 1957, baby.


Photo credit: redditmedia
#11. Wrist watch of Akito Kawagoe – stopped and stayed at the 8:15 mark, which is the precise time that the atomic bomb was dropped at the Hiroshima in 1945.


Photo credit: Tumblr
#12. Eggs of an octopus – budding new life


Photo credit: Imgur
#13. Rainbow – captured in its full circle glory from an airplane.


Photo credit: Imgur
#14. Curiosity Rover image – the raw color of the “Red Planet.”


Photo credit: Imgur
#15. Mount Everest – mountaineers all lined up to get to the highest peak in the world, May 2013.


Photo credit: thecasualobserver
#16. Western Australia, 2013 – a massive dust storm


Photo credit: Imgur
#17. Sea of used tires – photographed in a bird’s eye view perspective.


Photo credit: Imgur
#18. The Aurora Borealis – the magnificent northern lights as viewed from the outer space.


Photo credit: Imgur
Aren’t these images awesome? Which one is caught your attention the most? Let us know in the comment section!




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