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Man Builds An Awesome Bar In His Back Garden Using Wooden Pallets

It just took him two days to build and he spent only $112!

  • One man decided to build a bar in his own garden.
  • Amazingly, the project only took two days to build.
  • If that’s not stunning enough for you, the bar is made out of pallets and only cost $112 to make!

Sometimes going to the pub can be too expensive and would take too much effort. So why not just build a bar in your own home, right? That’s exactly what one man did in his back garden. Amazingly, he only used wooden pallets for the project, which cost a mere £90 ($112).

Paul Nowak is a hobbyist from Sheffield, England who had always wanted to make a home garden bar. When he finally decided to make his dream a reality, he chose to take on the project himself. Armed with a few pallets, crates, and some creativity, Nowak built the stylish bar in only two days.

Would you believe this garden bar only took two days to make?

Interestingly, Nowak didn’t even spend any money on the pallets. The £90 he spent was actually on other materials.

“I got most of the materials I needed all for free: the pallets and crates cost absolutely nothing. However, I did need to spend some money on the roof (that was around 40 pounds or 50 dollars), the paint (around 30 pounds; 37 dollars), and some odds and ends. A good mate of mine owns a pub, so he gave me some beer mats and other things for free,” Nowak wrote.

It’s an amazing project considering that this is the first time Nowak has built a bar.

“I always loved woodworking and sometimes I still wonder, what would have happened if I took it up professionally after leaving school. I do decking for friends and family, but this is the very first bar I’ve built. However, it’s just the first of many bars, I hope,” he wrote.

We’re certainly impressed with that bar. Now who needs to go to the pub when you have an awesome bar at home?


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