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16 Unusual Things At Schools That Are Normal In Some Places

#10 is pretty cool.






Most students arrive at school in the morning, books in backpacks, uniforms all clean and nice, then return home in the afternoon with an armful of homework. They come back the next day and do the same things they did yesterday.

This is what comes to mind for many of us when we think of schools. Sometimes people forget that the way they do things in their country isn’t necessarily the way it’s done everywhere else. In fact, some schools are a little different than we expect.

1. A school under a bridge in New Delhi

2. Student can stay in school for as long as 16 hours in South Korea

3. Unisex school uniforms in some schools in Japan

4. A school on a boat in Bangladesh

5. Dutch students begin going to school at age four

6. You’re not required to wear shoes in Oceanic schools.

7. Boys wear kilts in some school in Scotland

8. After a series of calamities, students are asked to wear protective headgear in Tokyo

9. Unusual way to commune in India

10. A cat-shaped school in Germany.

11. Students in Carpe Diem schools in Ohio where study in cubicles to prepare them in their workplace in the future.

12. First day of school is celebrated in Russia like a holiday

13. There are countries that offer kindergarten outside.

14. Students need to travel via a helicopter in the Arctic tundra

15. There’s a school in Brooklyn that doesn’t have a test and homework

16. “Study Zones” in a Danish school

A school is a place where students learn and meet new friends. The area and structure don’t have to be the same in every country just as long as they can be a good environment for learning.

While there are many types of schools around the world, education is important and we should remember not to take it for granted.

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World’s Most Tattooed Doctor Says She’s Been Kicked Out Of Restaurants For Her Ink

“Having colourful skin in no way affects your skill level.”

Nobelle Borines



You simply cannot judge a book by its cover. A heavily tattooed woman recently revealed that she has been kicked out of restaurants because of her ink. Little did the management know that the woman is actually a doctor.

Dr. Sarah Gray of Adelaide in Australia calls herself the world's most tattooed doctor and it's certainly a fitting title. Unfortunately, Dr. Gray has been subject to discrimination simply because of her several tattoos. In addition to being asked to leave a restaurant, she was completely ignored by shop assistants at a designer store.

She might be covered in tattoos but this woman is a gifted doctor.

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Miss Universe Philippines Catriona Gray Shows Beauty Of Mindanao In Breathtaking Video

“I’ve always had this certain reverence for Mindanao. I’ve always wanted to go and experience the culture firsthand.”




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While people all over the world are falling for Catriona’s charm, she always sees to it to always include the Philippines in her Miss Universe journey. Now, the television host, singer, model, and beauty pageant titleholder shows not only her beauty but her beloved country’s as well in a video called, “This is Mindanao.”

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“I know accidents happen but I feel like I should have foreseen this and done a better job of preventing it.”

Nobelle Borines



Dogs are usually known for being protective of their owners. Unfortunately, one distraught mother was shocked when her own pet attacked her baby. The heartbroken mom shared the shocking story to warn other parents about the dangers of leaving a small child unattended.

Nat the Natural Mom is a designer and blogger who dotes over her adorable little daughter named Delilah. Although the mom is always careful with her, the toddler was being playful one day and was momentarily out of sight. This is when every mother's nightmare happened as Nat's dachshund attacked the little girl and began scratching her face.

The little girl had several scratches all over her face.

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