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16 Adorable Pictures of Fathers and Daughters Doing The Silliest Things Together

These loving fathers are not afraid to look ridiculous for their kids.


It’s adorable to see grown men do the sweetest things for the women they love. But, it’s even more delightful if they’re doing it for the little children.
Somehow, seeing how fun and caring they are, gives us an impression that they’ll be great fathers someday.

I’m grateful for having a father who has a fun-loving spirit. Until now, my dad sings out loud, not minding if he’s out of key, or if the lyrics are wrong. He also dances like, well, there’s no appropriate word to describe how he dances, but he never fails to make me, my sister, and my mom laugh. The thing is, he’s not afraid of what others think of him or what they’ll say as long as he knows we’re happy, and we’re having fun.

I think most fathers are just like that. They are willing to bear the unbearable just to make their children happy.

If you want more proof, here are 16 adorable pictures of dads doing the silliest things for the sake of their daughters:

#16. Just so she won’t feel like she’s alone in this world.
#15. He improvised.
#14. The princess in the tower.
#13. He knows how to make her feel safe.
#12. This is just sweet.
#11. How about a cup of tea, dad?
#10. He doesn’t mind being her drawing board.

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#9. Or getting wet with pee in public.
#8. This is how they bond.
#7. Poor dad had to endure One Direction’s concert for his daughter.
#6. Tea, again.
#5. Like father, like daughter, eh?

#4. You’re working the costume, dad!
#3. Besties.
#2. She wants him to play as the little, red riding hood.
#1. Drink your tea, princess daddy.

Real men aren’t bothered by playing dress up with their kids.


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For 35 years, Raimundo Arruda Sobrinho lived in "The Island", writing poems and short stories in scraps of paper.


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