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You Wouldn’t Believe What This 16-Month-Old Baby Can Do… What a Genius!





There is no question that babies and toddlers are truly adorable – just don’t mind the occasional tantrums.

Now, tots are a bundle of joy but there are just some who are a cut above the rest; toddlers who never fail to amaze us. The web is full of these amazing kids but little Torin here is surely someone who’d surprise you.

At 16 months of age, baby Torin can read! Well, not out loud but he can recognize the letters that form a word, enough for him to pick the right word from a bunch of other words scattered on the floor.

Sounds incredible, right? Well, you simply have to see for yourself just what this kid can do…

Watch the video:

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I would imagine you were amazed by this young child by now. After all, how many 16-month-old kids can do that, anyway? I bet you only know a handful of these little geniuses, so Torin is truly the man [or the kid]!

According to the video description, baby Torin’s parents used the “Your Baby Can Read” program. By the looks of it, the program is quite effective…

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