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15 Youtube Celebrities Who Earn Seven Digits

Whenever you’re told that there’s no money in creating those stupid videos you upload on Youtube, show them this article and tell them you’re going to be a millionaire someday.


Youtube’s popularity has soared over the past decade since it was launched. People now consider the video sharing platform as their go-to source for all types of content. Whether it’s entertainment or an educational clip, name it, Youtube has it.

Youtube has become the place where individuals can shine and share their talents to the world. Users have total control on the content they upload and the homemade videos don’t cost as much. Maybe that’s why there are a lot of Youtube celebrities now who are trending as they create original content for their millions of subscribers.

As an incentive for these brilliant content creators, Youtube allows its members to take a certain percentage of the advertising money it makes. This way, the user doesn’t feel the need to go to another video sharing platform, or worse, sell its content to TV or film. These Youtube celebrities are raking in the dough from their subscriber base of millions.

15. Dude Perfect: $1.5 million (estimated)

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These five dudes have actually perfected the trick shot video and have about 9 million subscribers to date. One can only marvel at how they are able to precisely hit impossible targets from very far away, regardless if it happens to be a golf ball or a tennis ball at that. Recently, their videos include sports equipment brand endorsements.

14. Prankvs.Prank: $2.26 million (estimated)

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This Youtube couple started their content playing pranks on each other. After 187 videos and 8.7 million subscribers, you wonder how they’re still together. Now, they play pranks on other people and have a total of 2.5 million views.

13. Rosanna Pansino: $2.5 million (estimated)

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If you see any yummy goodies that’s trending on Facebook, you have Rosanna Pansino to thank. This is because of her Youtube cooking show, “Nerdy Nummies.” She is responsible for the widely popular Star Wars themed cookies and the Breaking Bad “meth” candies.


17 Dumbest Movie Reviews Ever

Movies are wasted on these creatures!

Reviews from moviegoers can make or break a film's chances of success. When you see negative reviews piling up for a certain movie, it's a sign that maybe you should just stay at home and save your money for the next worthy film that comes along. But not all movie reviews should be taken seriously.

Some people hate movies for the wrong reasons and these should not influence your decision to check out the movie at the theater.

Here are some classic examples:

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Here’s an Illustrated Guide to Man Boobs And Boy, It’s Really Spot On!

So, which one are you?

Do you carry plump D-Cuppers? Pointy sidewinders? How about a pair of Decoys or a set of front butts? Hey, we're talking about man boobs!

Much has been written and drawn about female boobs that it's high time someone did a totally realistic illustration on man tits. And who will better supply us with this visual uh, treat than MAD Magazine? Cartoonist Drew Friedman made this for the mag and we have to say, it's impressive! I mean, not all can stand staring at live photos of drooping man boobs even for the sake of education. This is a fun way of comparing all types of male chests that ever existed. If you're one of the majority who do not have rock-hard, chiseled chests and abs, you will surely find your match here!

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Concord Dad Gets Arrested For Not Returning VHS Rental 14 Years Ago

The name of the movie? Freddy Got Fingered! lol

This is probably one of the most bizarre news I’ve encountered as of recent memory.

James Meyers, a man from North Carolina, was recently driving his daughter to school when the Concord police asked him to stop. They initially told him it was for a broken taillight but eventually, the cop ended up arresting him for a VHS rental he failed to return about 12 years ago.

Obviously shocked and confused with the arrest, Meyers remarked “I thought he was joking,” in an interview with WSOC TV.

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