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14-Year-Old Boy Borrows Money From Mom To Open Arcade And Earns More Than Triple The Cash

There might just be a super bright future for this young boy!






Being a good entrepreneur can be learned from experience, inspiration, and determination. However, some people are just born with it.

In fact, one boy in Beijing, China, has clearly proven that being a businessman doesn’t have an age limit. All you need is perseverance, belief in yourself, and a fantastic idea.

While most boys would spend the Chinese New Year holidays having fun, hanging out with friends, playing some online or video games, and just simply taking a break, one 14-year-old boy, identified only as Yang, decided to use his time differently.

Instead of doing what his peers were doing during the holidays, he borrowed money from his mother to open a business. Yang used the 800 yuan ($119) that he borrowed to buy 400 glass bottles and 300 ping pong balls. He then used these items to open a mini-game arcade stall.

The mechanics of the game is quite simple. To join, you need to pay 0 yuan ($1.49) for ten ping pong balls, which gives you ten attempts to win. Each bottle has a cash prize inside, ranging from $0.75 to $14, and all you need to do is shoot the balls into the bottles.

Although the game is very simple, it is super fun and quite addicting. With that said, many people have attempted several times to get the prize. More attempts mean more cash for Yang.

As a matter of fact, the young boy turned the 800 yuan ($119) he borrowed from his mother into over 16,443 yuan ($2,400) in a matter of eight days!

When asked what he would do with the earnings, he said:

“I’m going to buy the best phone there is (for my mother) because if it wasn’t for my mother’s support, I wouldn’t have had the experience of running a successful stall.”

What an incredible young man. A smart businessman and an amazing son.

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25 Uplifting Photos That Capture The True Essence of Happiness

Pure happiness is always around us – if we know where to look!

Mark Andrew



"Happiness," religious leader Joseph Smith Jr once said, "is the purpose and design of our existence - and will be the end thereof if we pursue the path that leads to it."

But in today's grim world, is it still possible to "pursue" joy in our lives? It's easier to feel miserable and pessimistic because of all the bad news, right? Well the photos below will probably make you feel otherwise.

As you will see in these images, happiness is always in the right places around us as long as we know where to look. Furthermore, true happiness isn't in expensive devices and big houses but in people, moments, and even animals!

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Famous Photographer Ends Career To Care For Unwanted Animals

She is currently taking care of 200 dogs, foxes, and raccoons!

Nobelle Borines



Most people work hard to have a successful career. However, one famous Russian photographer decided to leave it all behind for a truly extraordinary cause. She decided to move to a house in the forest so she could take care of sick dogs and other unwanted animals.

Daria Pushkareva was a famous wedding photographer based in Moscow, Russia. The self-described "workaholic" admitted that she would work "15-hour shifts without a day off for two weeks at a time." Although she found success in her career, everything changed when Daria and her husband took in a shelter puppy with a missing eye. From there, they began adopting more ill dogs and taking care of the pooches.

Daria plays with two of the rescued dogs.

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Old Man Buys Brand New Motorcycle Using Coins He Saved For Two Years

You don’t have to be in debt to acquire things in life.




These days, it is much easier to buy things because there are now lots of options for installment plans. In fact, you can now easily get a motorcycle on credit for a three-year payment scheme.

However, if you really think about it, buying things on credit would make you pay much more than the asking price. If you add up all the monthly amortizations and the down payment, you’ll realize you might already be paying twice the unit’s price! So an old man from the Philippines had a better idea to afford the motorcycle that he really wanted.

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