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13-Year-Old Girl Earns More Than Her Mom Doing Her Peers’ Homework

She made nearly USD 1,500.00 in just one long school holiday!


School holiday is the time when students hang out with their friends, catch up on those favorite television series that they were watching, and most importantly, take a break from all the school works. Unfortunately, some teachers still provide a couple of homework for students to do during the holidays.

While some would do it as early as they could to get it over with, others would enjoy their holiday first them cram up the last minute. But for one girl in Chongqing, China, she chose to earn money during the holidays — lots of it.

Homework is undoubtedly important in a student’s life. Not only were they graded and added to the student’s performance in the whole semester, but they can also improve thinking and memory.

But doing homework during a holiday is certainly not ideal for students — unless you’re like this 13-year-old Chinese girl who became viral for doing other students’ homework over the holidays.

While that sounded nice when you first read it, the bigger picture is not as outstanding. You see, instead of plainly helping her peers with their homework, the young girl was providing a paid service to do everything for them.

In fact, she had so many orders that she made nearly 10,000 Yuan (approx. USD 1,500.00) in just one long school holiday!

To make her service get more exposure, the girl used her mother’s e-commerce account. Her mom had no idea what she was doing. She then added samples for the reference of her potential customers.

Since she has nice handwriting, orders started pouring in. But her neat handwriting was also the reason why her “business” finally ended because one of her clients’ teacher recognized it and found out a different student did it.

The angry client requested a refund from the girl, but she declined because she had been doing the homework the whole afternoon, that’s when the customer reported her account and was eventually blocked.

The girl’s mother later found out what her daughter was doing, but although the teen admitted everything, she didn’t see anything wrong with it because she said she was just using her own skills to earn money.

So what did the mother do as punishment? She confiscated her daughter’s hard-earned cash.


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