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Pastor Kisses Woman In Front Of His Congregation To ‘Rid Her Body Of Demons’

It lasted for an uncomfortably long time.


A pastor provides spiritual leadership to members of a church. Their duties include preparing weekly sermons, preaching and conducting worship services. They also provide care and counseling to church members and assist them in tough situations.

Many listen to their pastors because they believe that these ministers will save them from their sins and help them become better people. But a minister of a church in Zimbabwe did something bizarre that most people actually find very disturbing.

A pastor was filmed kissing the woman for an uncomfortably long time, claiming that the act would eliminate demons inside her. He held the young lady’s face then kissed her in front of church members.

According to media reports, the inc. ident happened in a church at Zimbabwe. And he taught the congregation that kissing the woman was a way of cleansing her spirit.

The clip eventually went viral and it shows the pastor already locking lips with the lady in a pink dress. When he unlocked his lips from hers, the pastor spat on the side, probably showing that he managed to take the demons out of her body. After that, he waved his hands and yelled out some commands.

But it seems that he didn’t get everything out as he kissed the woman one more time. This time, however, the kiss took a long time that the church members moved in closer to watch the two of them.

Two women in the front row looked concerned for the young lady as they held their hands to their heads. But one woman in green may be feeling something else as she can be seen touching her breasts while watching the scene in front of her.

The video was uploaded by Raymond Majongwe. He wrote in the video description: “Pastor at work. Hale luuuuuyaa”.

Watch the video here:

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Some comments read:

“Rubbish…arrest this pervert.”

“I wonder if he does the same to his male congregates?”


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