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30 Times Nature Made Us Say ‘No Way’ (Warning: NOT For The Faint-Hearted)

This is going to give me so many nightmares, especially #23!


The world is an amazing place, full of incredible natural phenomena and creatures that showcase the sheer diversity of the land we inhabit. However, it is worth remembering that the world around us can be a brutal, unforgiving place as well.

Here are 30 times nature made us say “no way!” Check out the list but be warned, this list is not for the faint of heart.

1. An enormous bat in the Philippines.
2. You should check behind your dresser more often, or else…
3. Bird tornado.
4. Toads casually riding on a 3.5 m. python.
5. A gigantic spider.

The uploader said:

“Believe it or not, this is one of the least dangerous spiders we have in Australia.”

6. Birds living inside dead pike’s mouth.
7. These bees found a new home.
8. A gecko hiding inside a toy spider.
9. When birds are trying to dominate the place.
10. Sawfish.
11. Lizard shed his entire face.
12. A dangerous Dofleinia armata.
13. A deep-sea squid that looks like an alien.
14. The fox and the hound.
15. Spiders spun weaves to trees to save themselves from flood.
16. “Found a beehive while renovating an old house.”
17. A hedgehog skeleton.
18. Snaggletoothed snake eel.
19. A frog with eyes in its mouth due to macromutation.
20. You can see the back of an owl’s eye through its ear.
21. Mushrooms growing out of a fox’s skull.
22. This spider web shaped like Spider-Man’s mask.
23. An electrocuted snake was bitten by another one, which suffered the same fate.
24. Hello?
25. Always check your shoes before wearing them.
26. Hydra Africana.
27. A cylindrical yeast colony growing inside a bottle of natural orange juice.
28. Grow bigger or face the consequences.
29. A mold that grow out of cat food can.
30. The Assassin Bug wears their corpses of its victims.

While the bug’s action is going to bring nightmares to so many people, it is actually its way to survive. It wears the corpses of it victims to hide from predators.


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