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13 Warning Signs That Are Actually Funny or Creepy






Warning signs are posted to keep us safe from people and our surroundings. Usually, these signs are made very simple so that all can understand it at first glance. The message is very straightforward so that it does not lead to misinterpretation.

But some of these signs are too straightforward they are actually kinda funny or even creepy. Take a look at these warning signs and see what we mean:

#1. So, when is it safe to swim? During winter?

#2. “Highway of Tears” is totally appropriate.

#3. Okay, I will stay then.

#4. Maybe this is why the crab is the symbol of Cancer in the Zodiac?

#5. Please teach us how to make sure somebody is dead at 5 meters away.

#6. Watch out for falling Leopard leftovers.

#7. Um, an anti-bite suit?

#8. Ssshh!

#9. Do not dare give them an indigestion.

#10. If I have cave training and cave equipment, I can go, right?

#11. Saving your number now, Todd.

#12. Assuming there is one. Okay, that’s another discussion…

#13. Man, I dunno about fighting back..

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