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13 Warning Signs That Are Actually Funny or Creepy

#9 is weird!






Warning signs are posted to keep us safe from people and our surroundings. Usually, these signs are made very simple so that all can understand it at first glance. The message is very straightforward so that it does not lead to misinterpretation.

But some of these signs are too straightforward they are actually kinda funny or even creepy. Take a look at these warning signs and see what we mean:

#1. So, when is it safe to swim? During winter?

#2. “Highway of Tears” is totally appropriate.

#3. Okay, I will stay then.

#4. Maybe this is why the crab is the symbol of Cancer in the Zodiac?

#5. Please teach us how to make sure somebody is dead at 5 meters away.

#6. Watch out for falling Leopard leftovers.

#7. Um, an anti-bite suit?

#8. Ssshh!

#9. Do not dare give them an indigestion.

#10. If I have cave training and cave equipment, I can go, right?

#11. Saving your number now, Todd.

#12. Assuming there is one. Okay, that’s another discussion…

#13. Man, I dunno about fighting back..

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15 Perfectly-Placed Book Covers That Create Cool Optical Illusions

Never knew Putin had such pretty legs. LOL!

Mark Andrew



Forget about Photoshop. With a little creativity – and with the right book or magazine cover – you can easily transform yourself into your favorite personality. Or maybe just strike a funny pose.

When used in the right place at the right time, covers can create interesting optical illusions such as in the photos you will see below.

Tell you what, I felt like digging up my old books at our home when I saw these pics. I mean this looks really fun to try, right? I’m definitely doing this one of these days.

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Drunk Guy Tips Waiter $1,000 At Restaurant, Returns The Next Day To Take The Money Back

Now ain’t that funny! LOL!

Mark Andrew



Have you ever done or said something really dumb while you were drunk? Of course, you have! Besides, alcohol really has a way of triggering a degree of stupidity on any drinker.

Take it from an unnamed drunk guy who dined at Thailicious restaurant in Edgewater, Colorado. While there, he ate a meal worth $60 and then left a tip of - wait for it - $1,000!

Their food must be that awesome.

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Here’s A Funny Tribute Video For All The Awesome Dads Out There

Happy Father’s Day! LOL

Mark Andrew



Fatherhood can be a tremendously challenging responsibility. There is nothing like it in the world. I speak from experience because I’ve personally seen that it really isn’t easy to be a family’s provider as well as its source of strength and example.

That said, there is no denying that being a dad also has a lot of funny, light moments – something that I enjoy and treasure the most. Living with a hyper little 3-year-old boy can be a riot!

As any other father can attest, playing with kids can have superbly hilarious consequences. Fortunately, we can laugh together since we have some of those precious moments caught on camera.

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