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5 Relationship Red Flags You Should Never Ignore

Watch out for these dangerous warning signs in your relationship…

Dondi Tiples





Wouldn’t it be great if relationships, like food, medicines, and other consumer products came with their own warning labels?

Unfortunately, humans come in all different shapes and sizes, and people seeking relationships just have to wing it. One good thing though is that a number of studies have already been done about human relationships, and one such study undertaken in Kansas State University, underlines five red flags people need to watch out for when they are in a relationship:

#1. Family and Friends Can’t Stand Your Significant Other

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When you are in the throes of love, its very unlikely for you to see anything wrong with your sweetheart. However, it would be wise to listen to your family’s and friends’ feedback. They probably see all the negative things you don’t.

#2. Your Partner Gives You a Lot of (Often) Unbelievable Excuses

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Relationships are all about trust, and if the love of your life appears to have a lot of inexcusable reasons for questions you pose, its time to get suspicious about their trustworthiness as a partner.

#3. Your Girlfriend/Boyfriend is Getting Too Close Too Fast

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If your relationship seems to be whizzing by at lightning speed and your significant other is rushing you through certain milestones and commitments that you aren’t ready for, its a big warning flag. Being in a relationship shouldn’t be about pressuring the other person. It takes time to develop.

#4. Your Significant Other Has Little to No Friends

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Source: David Yeo

If your partner appears to be anti-social, it may signal an inability to be in a long-term relationship. Intimacy and closeness are part and parcel of a stable union, and if the person you love lacks that potential, you may want to take a step back and evaluate.

#5. Your Partner Has Drinking or Substance Problem

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Source: Drug Free

A dependence on addictive substances underlies deeper psychological issues, which will only worsen in the long run if they refuse treatment. Getting into a relationship with this type of person will only suck you further down into their problems.

Are you seeing any of these warning signs in your own relationship?

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82-Year-Old Grandma Pranks Neighbors, Knocks On The Door And Suddenly Runs Away To Hide!

Being old does not mean you can never play a silly game again!

Inah Garcia



Thinking about childhood memories always brings good and positive feelings. It makes us think about how fun life could be with simple stuff and silly games.

When we grow old and face the real world, we tend to take simple things for granted and let serious matters take away simple joys. But for an Irish grandmother named Olive Smyth, there is never a good time to take away the "child" in her.

One day, the 82-year-old woman was walking around Dublin with her son named Mark, when she decided to play a quick game of "knick knacking." You may recognize this silly prank as the classic past time of kids before. In the said game, one would knock or ring the doorbell of someone else's door then immediately run away out of sight.

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Kat Lozada



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Studies show guys spend more time in the bathroom than women.

Studies show guys spend more time in the bathroom than women.

The seventy-one percent mentioned they spent thirty minutes grooming compared to the sixty-three percent of women respondents. Women were still among those who spent a long amount of time, between one to two hours, in the bathroom. The survey however, did not mention anything about what exactly the guys were doing in the bathroom. The questions revolved mostly on how long it took them in the morning to get ready.

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Mika Castro



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