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10 Things You Need To Know About 2016: Lucky Colors, Charms, Numbers And Whole Lot More




#5. 2016's Lucky Colors


Photo credit: Alice Popkorn

There is no single lucky color for 2016. According to astrology reports, the best colors for the year are bright red, light blue, white and gold. Sounds like a nice combination, don’t you think?

#6. Lucky Direction: West


Photo credit: Walt Stoneburner

Ok, so this may mean that Kanye West and the rest of his beautiful family are in for some glorious luck this year. However they are not the only ones. Experts recommend to do things toward the west direction. For example, plan a holiday trip toward the west or do something adventurous or risky towards that direction as it is bountiful of luck.

#7. 2016's Lucky Charms


Photo credit: Ashley Van Haeften

The most prominent lucky charm for 2016 is called Pi Yao or Bixie, which is a Chinese mythical creature that looks like a lion with wings. It is said to drive bad spirits away and protect people.

Any accessory with a monkey on it is also good. You may also want to consider getting yourself anything with jade, rock crystal, tiger’s eye, rose quartz, amber, aquamarine, citrine or garnet as these are 2016’s lucky gems.

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