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10 Reasons Why Women Fall For Bad Boys





You may have heard the line “nice guys finish last,” and it’s probably because most women are attracted to bad boys. There is something about them that some women cannot resist.

So why do bad boys seem to be so irresistible to most women? Here are 10 of the reasons why.

1. Bad boys are more fun

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Bad boys are more spontaneous than the good ones. So being with them makes a woman feel how it’s like to live on the edge.

2. Bad boys are more attractive

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Although not all bad boys have the best taste in fashion, it’s their confidence that sets them apart.

3. Blame it on evolution

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Women generally want to feel safe and protected. However, the new generation is more open to exploring things, even the dangerous ones, and bad boys can help them with that.

4. Women are afraid of commitment

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Just like men, not all women are ready for a commitment. Bad boys can fill their need of being in a relationship without having to worry about a long-term romance.

5. Opposites attract

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Good girls tend to fall for bad boys because they’re attracted to their dangerous personality, which they are never known for.

6. Ovaries are biased

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As shocking as it sounds, a woman’s ovaries make them believe that the best looking guy is the right guy. Since they are attracted to bad boys, so they are leaning towards them more.

7. Women want to be the one to change them

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Women are naturally nurturing and they feel that they can help anyone change, even a bad boy. Successfully doing so will be such a huge achievement for them.

8. Women love the drama

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9. Women have low self-esteem

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Since bad boys are not keen on keeping their relationship last long, women with low-esteem are fine with it because they don’t feel they deserve to be kept in the first place.

10. Bad boys play out a fantasy

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Just like men, women have fantasies too. Being with a bad boy makes these wild thoughts more attainable.

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