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10 Lessons Your Dog Can Teach You About Life

Your canine companion is wiser than you think.

All we need to know, we can learn from our dogs.

Dogs are relatively simple creatures. They eat. They sleep. They play. They fight. They love.

They don’t ask for much but to be loved in return, and their boundless joy at beholding their humans can bring a tear to the eye.

Here are some 10 very fitting lessons our dogs can can teach us about life that we would do well to emulate:

#1. Loyalty

1022 dog 1

Photo credit: i09

If there’s any creature who would stay with us through good times and bad, its our dogs. They would never leave us, despite being on the verge of death, they remain faithful.

#2. Friendship

1022 dogs 3

Photo credit: Dog Breeds Guide

Dogs remain true friends despite our physical deformities, our disgusting habits, our mental illnesses, and our awful attitudes. Even if we curse at them, forget to feed them and bathe them, or generally ignore them, we remain their BFFs for life.

#3. Play. Everyday.

1022 dogs 4

Photo credit: Calboard

No matter how old they get, a dog will always be up for play, teaching us that getting out of doors and being active is one of lives greatest joys.

#4. Love Unconditionally

1022 dogs 4

Photo credit: Pinterest

When dogs love, they love til the end. It doesn’t matter if you’re the world’s most hateful human being, your dog will still leap with joy when you get home and slobber all over you with affection.

#5. Don’t Judge Anybody

1022 dogs 5

Photo credit: Wordless Tech

Dogs don’t take one look at your ugly mug and turn their backs. They don’t scoff at your race, or your religion, the amount of cash in your wallet, or even if you’re homeless living under a bridge. A dog doesn’t make up its mind about you based on the many characteristics we humans use to judge the people around us.

#6. Yolo!

1022 dogs 6

Photo credit: Pinterest

That’s for sure. Life is short, says our dog. Let’s live it to the fullest and give everyone a healthy dose of joy and happiness wherever we go.

#7. Accept Yourself

1022 dogs 7

Photo credit: AJC

It doesn’t matter if they stink, if they’re disabled, or if they’re suffering from some sort of physical deformities, dogs embrace life they same way they embrace you and everything else around them – with acceptance.

#8. Forgiveness

1022 dogs 8

Photo credit: Buzzfeed

No matter how bad you hurt your dog, be it their physical selves or their feelings, they always forgive you without reservations, and even offer themselves up for you to do as you please.

#9. Don’t Change

1022 dogs 9

Photo credit: Express

Mood swings, attitude changes, a bipolar disorder? Your dog doesn’t know the meaning of those, and will remain the same furry friend your brought home from the puppy farm, from the pet shop, from the pound, or from a rescue situation.

#10. Courage

1022 dogs 10

Photo credit: Express

That little French bulldog who defended her home from two large marauding bears, that’s courage. That dog that pushes you away from danger, or comes between you and someone trying to hurt you, that’s courage. That dog that pulled you out of your burning home, that’s courage. Every single time.

Don’t you just wish you were like your dog?


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