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Tiny French Bulldog Fiercely Defends Home Against Two Trespassing Bears – And Wins!





Imagine you are a dog, and your humans have entrusted you to watch over your home, which is then immediately invaded by two hulking beasts with sharp claws and course fur. What do you do?

Jules is a 20-pound French bulldog and bonafide groundskeeper of his Monrovia, California home that has previously been ravaged by marauding bears.

Cute-as-a-button Jules, the French bulldog

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Photo credit: Daily Mail

Jules lives with her humans, David Hernandez and his family, near the San Gabriel foothills, where it is not uncommon for bears chased away by wildfire to visit civilization and scavenge for food. The situation is further aggravated by neighbors who openly encourage wandering bears by feeding them, increasing the number of incidents of ursine beggars appearing in various yards in the area.

The incidents of wildlife vandalism got so bad that Hernandez boarded up his daughter’s windows to prevent bear attacks, and decided to install a number of security cameras to determine which time of the day, and how many specimens would actually disturb the property while he was away at work.

David Hernandez explains his neighborhood's bear troubles…

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Photo credit: Daily Mail

He didn’t reckon however, with the rabid protectiveness of the family’s tiny French bulldog, Jules, who was determined to guard her home and humans from all and any predators looking to make off with food not freely given.

In one incident caught by security cameras, two huge brown bears wandered into Hernandez’s yard, and after some lazy exploration, began to make their way towards the patio, intent on gaining access.

Suddenly, the camera records Jules coming at a dead run out of the door, viciously yapping, snorting fiercely from her recessed button nose, and savagely spitting foam from her blunt jaws.

Jules rushes to defend her family's property

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Photo credit: YouTube screengrab

Charging down the patio steps without hesitation, the ferocity of Jules’ unstoppable attack surprised the two bears who had no choice but to back down, despite each of them being roughly five times the French bulldog’s size.

The raging and relentless Jules in action…

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Photo credit: YouTube screengrab

Jules even got a sharp nip into one of them to prove her point, sending one bear fleeing to a neighbor’s yard, and another bear scrambling over the fence for dear life.

Predators backed into a corner…

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Photo credit: YouTube screengrab

Hernandez is immensely proud, and extremely awed of his little dynamo, who turned into a wolverine to protect her home and the humans she loves.

Watch the security camera footage of Jules guarding her home…

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Would that we had such fierce protectors like this little French bulldog.

"…and stay out! *snarl*"

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Photo credit: New Dog World


H/T: Buzzfeed, Daily Mail, and New Dog World

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