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10 Helpful Tips to Save Your Mobile Phone If It Gets Wet

What’s the best first aid if your phone falls into the water?

Dondi Tiples





We bring our mobile phones practically everywhere we go, even to the bathroom, to the beach, to the pool, and other places where water abounds. Not surprisingly, there are a lot of damaged and water-logged phones that have been discarded by distraught owners.

With constant cellular phone usage, it makes sense to have instant first aid solutions for when our phones accidentally get wet.

Here are 10 tips to help save a phone when it accidentally gets wet:

#1. Remove the phone from the water immediately and turn it off.


Source: ABC News

Phone parts are small and fragile, and they can let moisture in on seconds. So take the phone out of the water right away, and turn it off to prevent it from short circuiting.

#2. After turning the phone off, take off the case and remove the battery.


Source: Androidpit

Doing so will help alleviate water damage to the phone’s circuitry. Next, wipe the phone and its insides using a soft cloth or paper towel.

#3. Don’t forget to remove the SIM card.


Source: BT

Wipe the SIM card dry, as well, and only replace it inside the phone when the whole gadget is ready for use.

#4. Turn off and unplug the phone from external devices.


This includes earphones, memory cards, power banks, thumb drives, and other gadgets that cover the different holes and cracks in your phone, such as phone covers and protective films.

#5. Use a mini vacuum cleaner to blow water out of your phone.


Source: Fab How

A mini vacuum cleaner will do a good job of sucking any excess water out of your device. It’s important to keep the vacuum cleaner some distance away from your phone to prevent static.

#6. Never use a hair dryer on your phone.


Even at its coolest setting, a hair dryer can push water deeper into your phone, which is dangerous for its electronic components. The heat can melt circuitry, as well.

#7. Dry your phone further by burying it in rice.


Source: 4Exem Blog

Put your phone in a bag or container of rice, turning it over from time to time. This can take two to three days at the most. While this may seem excruciatingly slow, hurrying up the process won’t help your phone at all.

#8. Dry your phone under the sun.


Source: Feed Fad

Lay your phone out on an absorbent mat or paper towel and let the sun do its work to dry your device of any leftover moisture.

#9. Put the battery back in and turn it on.


Source: Aphr

After double checking that all cracks and compartments are bone dry, put your battery back in and turn your phone on. Be alert for strange noises because that may signal a malfunction.

#10. If the phone doesn’t turn on, charge the battery then try again.


Source: Slash Gear

Your battery may just be out of juice. However, if all else fails and your phone is still dead, contact the device’s warranty service department and tell them the whole truth. This way, they can find out what’s wrong and repair your phone for you.

Good luck!


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