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Here’s How to Fix a Broken Zipper With Just a Simple Trick

This simple fix tip will erase your zipper troubles!


A zipper that’s stuck is one of the most mundane yet most irritating worry everyone has to face at one point in our lives. Just when we are about to leave home, or we are in a hurry, a zipper that doesn’t zip can actually ruin our day!

I mean, they are supposed to close and seal what’s supposed to be concealed, right? But it does happen, not only with our clothes but with bags and pouches as well. However, we don’t need to have to trouble ourselves with this problem, there is actually a simple way to make your zipper work.

UCAN Zippers USA has a simple and easy way to solve this dilemma. All you need is a pair of pliers, a couple of minutes and some patience to close that zipper.

Watch the video here:

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Wasn’t that easy? There’s no need to visit your tailor anymore to get that zipper fixed. With just a few simple, easy steps, a zipper that won’t close will finally zip. Share this zipper fix tip to your friends now!

Home & DIY

Family Builds an Awesome Underground Shelter for Future Catastrophes

The house looks awesome!


Now that countries are using biological, chemical, and nuclear warfare due to the extreme damage it can inflict on enemy troops, civilians are being more creative and thorough in preparing for emergencies. In response to this, a movement known as survivalism was established, in which survivalists or preppers actively prepare for emergencies and disasters. They stockpile food and water, learn medical and self-defense skills, and even build underground shelters for future catastrophes.

Let's take a look at this family's awesome underground shelter.


The materials used for the shelter are super-resistant.


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Scientific Hacks on How to Improve Your Wi-Fi at Home

Improve your wi-fi signal with these simple tips!


Our lives today rely heavily on the internet. Businesses are able to provide more services to customers through their websites and they are also able to address issues faster through emails. Researching for homework is also easier for students now that they have Google and Wikipedia. We can even do our shopping online! Truly, the internet has made our lives easier and more convenient. However, no matter how reliable, internet speed and WiFi coverage can still be a problem in rural areas or in places where there are many users - which is why it is important that we know how to tweak our routers and connections to our advantage.

Thankfully, this video from Vox shows us some tips and tricks - from issues like where to place your router to where to place your electronic devices - so that our internet speed at home will not be a problem.

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20 Creative Bookshelf Ideas for Bookworms

Great ideas for bookworms!


Book lovers unite! Instead of storing your well-loved collection of hardbounds and paperbacks in a plain bookshelf, why not try using these creative bookshelves?

From a tree-shaped one to a space-saving staircase and bookshelf in one, these ideas are wonderful home additions for bookworms.

#1. This tree-shaped bookshelf is suited for nature lovers.


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