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Teen To Graduate From Med School And Become Malaysia’s Youngest Doctor





Completing medical school is no easy feat. The student will have to go through different challenges and devote most of their time to studying. It will take years to complete medical school, but for one 19-year-old in Malaysia, the journey is about to end soon.

Chan Hao Shan is about to graduate from Taylor’s University with her Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery this year, Straits Times reported. In an interview with Sin Chew Daily, the medical student said that her love for reading is what sets her apart from most kids her age.

Chan's interest in studying medicine started when her mom was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Chan learned of her mother’s diagnosis when she was eight years old. That started her interest in learning more about the human anatomy and how bodily functions work. She told the Chinese publication (via Strait Times):

“I was curious with the functions of a human body. For instance, I was curious about what really happens in the throat when humans swallow something.”

Chan was way ahead of other schoolkids her age.

She got transferred to an international school just after attending a Kuala Lumpur primary school for three years.

When Chan was 13, she finished secondary school in just a year.

Normally, it would take a student five years to complete the secondary school syllabus. However, Chan loves to challenge herself, she said, which is why she was able to skip some years during her schooling.

“I felt bored in class as the progress was too slow, and the teachers kept repeating the same thing. In just a few days, I’ve finished studying the whole textbook.”

Chan is now looking forward to doing her medical internship as she will be finishing med school this year. But it appears that graduation is not the end for her. She is determined to achieve her ultimate goal — becoming a specialist.

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