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Teen To Graduate From Med School And Become Malaysia’s Youngest Doctor

She got bored in class so she finished a whole textbook in a few days.


Completing medical school is no easy feat. The student will have to go through different challenges and devote most of their time to studying. It will take years to complete medical school, but for one 19-year-old in Malaysia, the journey is about to end soon.

Chan Hao Shan is about to graduate from Taylor’s University with her Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery this year, Straits Times reported. In an interview with Sin Chew Daily, the medical student said that her love for reading is what sets her apart from most kids her age.

Chan's interest in studying medicine started when her mom was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Chan learned of her mother’s diagnosis when she was eight years old. That started her interest in learning more about the human anatomy and how bodily functions work. She told the Chinese publication (via Strait Times):

“I was curious with the functions of a human body. For instance, I was curious about what really happens in the throat when humans swallow something.”

Chan was way ahead of other schoolkids her age.

She got transferred to an international school just after attending a Kuala Lumpur primary school for three years.

When Chan was 13, she finished secondary school in just a year.

Normally, it would take a student five years to complete the secondary school syllabus. However, Chan loves to challenge herself, she said, which is why she was able to skip some years during her schooling.

“I felt bored in class as the progress was too slow, and the teachers kept repeating the same thing. In just a few days, I’ve finished studying the whole textbook.”

Chan is now looking forward to doing her medical internship as she will be finishing med school this year. But it appears that graduation is not the end for her. She is determined to achieve her ultimate goal — becoming a specialist.


Manny Pacquiao Plans to Build First-Class Medical Center In His Hometown

The People’s Champ sure knows how to give back, especially to those in need.

Boxing Legend Manny Pacquiao is about to add another achievement under his belt -- providing a world-class medical facility to General Santos City. The Filipino billionaire is reportedly keen on sharing his blessings that will help improve his beloved hometown.

Apparently, the professional boxer turned senator is focusing on the health and welfare of the residents of Gensan. Manny Pacquiao, who is famous for his health advocacies, is planning to build a massive medical center that will cater to locals and even residents outside General Santos City.

Reports say that Manny Pacquiao will fund a medical center for his hometown.

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Russian Photographer Captures Photos of Elderly Couple Whose Love Stood The Test of Time

This sweet couple is #RelationshipGoals indeed!

With all the tragic stories we get about cheating spouses and bitter divorces these days, it’s always refreshing to know about couples who have endured the test of time. Sure, lasting relationships can be very rare these days and so we believe that each one deserves being praised and celebrated.

Recently, a set of photos by Irina Nedyalkova went viral on social media after she shared the images on her Facebook page. Apparently, the Russian photographer had a photoshoot with an elderly couple and, much to her surprise, the photos attracted a lot of attention from netizens after she posted them online.

What makes the pictures special, you ask? Well, it’s probably the well-executed concepts enhanced by proper lighting and beautiful composition. Of course, it’s also the sincere poses and the pure love that’s clearly evident in the eyes of the lovely senior couple.

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Old Man Walks Several Miles Everyday to Beg Food for His Disabled Daughters

An old man living in a remote village in the Philippines finds the strength to overcome obstacles for the sake of his kids.

Frances Baena is a guy who is affiliated with a non-government organization called Canada for Negros. In the course of doing projects in the rural village in the province of Negros Oriental in the Philippines, he encountered a poor old man whose devotion to his family was truly inspiring.

Frances and his companions encountered the old man in a village called Tiguid Ayungon in Negros Oriental, a province located in the Visayas region. Visayas happens to be one of the three main islands of the Philippines.

Frances recalled that the old man was known to some residents in the village as "Tatay Arunting." "Tatay" is a word that means "father" in Filipino. When they asked the old man his age, he told them that he already forgot.

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