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Say Goodbye To Stinky Farts With The Flatulence Filtering Jeans





While farting is a normal body function, it’s still a pretty embarrassing thing – especially if you do it in public. Just imagine accidentally letting some air out during a first date or while you’re meeting with a potential client. Those scenarios can surely be disastrous!

Well now you don’t have to worry about those horrific possibilities anymore. With this new invention, farting in public will no longer be an awkward experience.

Now you can release gas with total confidence – anytime, anywhere.

Source: Shreddies

Shreddies, a clothing company from England, is selling innovative jeans that stop the stink in an instant.

Priced at £100, the Flatulence Jeans is not your ordinary denim.

Source: Shreddies

As its name implies, the jeans prevent your fart from smelling. According to the Shreddies website, the flatulence filtering jeans “feature a carbon lining which eliminates odors.”

The flatulence filtering jeans are available for both men and women.

Source: Shreddies

The product description continues:

“The carbon lining gives increased protection and more freedom to enter social situations. When worn with Shreddies flatulence filtering underwear it offers a double layer of protection, giving increased confidence that all odors are filtered.”

And yes, you read that right! They also have flatulence filtering underwear.

Source: Shreddies

And how are these products being received by the market, you ask? Well the site has several positive feedback. One testimonial from a US-based customer named Heather, for example, said:

“Thank you for creating a product that has changed my life! I can now work indoors without fear. I am more relaxed and have more confidence. It has made a remarkable improvement in my social and professional life.”

Just in case you are interested with any of these products (or if you want to buy some for a friend who BADLY needs these), go check out the Shreddies site.

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