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Female Passenger Spotted Drying Her Soggy Underwear Beneath The Plane’s Air Vent

The woman didn’t seem to care what others would think.

A female passenger on board a Ural Airlines commercial flight from Antalya, Turkey to Moscow was spotted drying her soggy underwear beneath the plane’s air vent.

The passengers were shocked to see the woman holding her underwear over her head and trying to dry it under the air conditioning vent for passengers to see.

Desperate times call for desperate measures…

Source: AP | YouTube

The one-minute clip, which was taken by another passenger a few seats back, showed the woman flipping her underwear, making sure it will become dry. According to the passengers of the plane, the woman held her panties for more than 20 minutes, puzzling those who can see what she’s doing.

Many felt disgusted as the woman showed no signs of embarrassment but everyone remained silent.

Source: AP | YouTube

Some people who commented on the post argued that perhaps the woman is a mother who is desperately drying out a pair of her child’s underpants. However, many of the individuals think that what she held was her own.

Watch the video clip below:

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Of course, many of the people argued that the plane, which is a public place, is not the best place to dry her underwear.

Source: AP | YouTube

Aside from the fact that she’s drying it on the plane’s air conditioning vent, it’s also improper to do it in front of many people. The reason behind the woman’s actions is still unclear and the airline is still unable to comment on the incident.

One person who commented on the viral post said:

“Maybe the takeoff was sort of extreme, so now she has to dry those.”

This follows another incident aboard a flight from Dubai to Amsterdam. The plane made an emergency landing when a fight broke off between passengers because one of them won’t stop farting. Apparently, two passengers were complaining about their seatmate who farts during the flight. They told the flight attendant about it but was ignored. When the man continued farting even when the men told him to stop, he didn’t want to – leading to a fight mid-flight.


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