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How To Choose The Right Jeans According To Your Body Type

Before grabbing and rocking a pair, there are certain things you should keep in mind.


Jeans have become fashion staples, mostly because of their casual style and comfortable design. They’re absolutely timeless and you just can safely bet they’re not going away anytime soon. Sure, people have tried to come up with crazy variations (such as see-through plastic jeans, booty-exposing jeans, etc) but we all know that good-ol’ denims are here to stay.

There are, however, certain things to keep in mind if you are a woman and are thinking of rocking a pair. Go read this comprehensive guide by Reader’s Digest so you can easily know which one best matches your body type.

#1. Hourglass Figure

Source: RD

High-waisted jeans are perfect in accentuating your curves, according to 1denim co-founder Elizabeth Bae.

Meanwhile, overalls or coveralls are a big no-no because they’ll conceal your waist and draw unnecessary attention to your hips insteadsaid Claudia BaeKye, 1denim co-founder.

Also, stay away from flared jeans.

#2. Petite

Source: RD

If you have a small-framed body, darkwashedstraight-leg or bootleg denim is the way to go. These pants will help your legs look longer plus they’ll give your shoulders and hips a more balanced appearance. Light-colored washes are also good, especially those that are designed with intentional rips and shreds.

On the other hand, keep in mind to avoid baggy-styled pants.

#3. Pear-Shaped

Source: RD

Your curvy hips will benefit from wearing boyfriend jeans. If you’re a short person, relaxed fit will be most ideal.

#4. Tall

Source: RD

The good news for tall people is that you can rock almost any style. However, Mary Ellen Moschetti, CEO of Parker Smith, reminds that inseams and knee breaks that are too high can “throw off the fit of the jean.” If you’re hoping to look a bit curvier, go for flares instead of super tight skinny jeans.

#5. Wide Shoulders and Small Hips

Source: RD

As with pear-shaped ladies, boyfriend jeans are most attractive for those with the so-called “inverted triangle shape.”

#6. Plus-Sized

Source: RD

According to denim experts, “high-waisted skinny fit in a stretch denim with pockets” are most suitable for you. Steer clear from rigid jeans though because they wouldn’t be able to “contour your body” the same way as a stretch can.

#7. Flat Butt

Source: RD

Bae advices,”Look for a short- or medium-rise to perk up a flatter butt. Long back rises tend to flatten out the top of the butt, resulting in an even flatter look.”

#8. Big Mid-Section

Source: RD

Want to conceal your mid-section? “An ultra-high rise with shaper denim will hold you in and give you the coverage you want, smooth you out, and elongate your silhouette while still providing comfort,” shared the Reader’s Digest article.


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