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The World’s Most Dangerous Countries To Visit Revealed





Do you love to travel around the world too? A lot of people are hardwired for the excitement of travel and adventure. But the way you’ve been looking at the world may not be the way everybody else does. In fact, once you find out how risky your dream destinations really are, you might end up changing your plans and course of travel.

We are all self-described travel nuts. For some, travel is a sweet plan for retirement on a boat, a house bus, with a backpack or by train. But we always yearn for greater travel adventures like flying far away from our hometowns for a month in Africa or a year in America. The world is indeed full of sweet and wonderful spots to see. Greece, France, Italy, Iceland, Maldives, Japan, Egypt, South Korea, New Zealand, almost every corner of every continent has something to boast about.

Traveling to places is a dream come true for most of us, but you might want to check on how safe your preferred destination is before packing your bag and setting off.

Touring the world can be a dream come true. But before the fun and enjoyment, your safety and health should still be your top priority when you travel to places.

This year, the International SOS and Control Risks have once again released a map that shows just how tourist-friendly all countries are. If you are planning to take a lengthy trip to a place you’ve never been before this coming 2018, then this risk map can be worth looking at. In spite of all the fun we can get from our travels, we still want to go home safe and sound to our own nooks and families.

The interactive “Travel Risk Map” shows how the risk rates at every country relative to road safety, security and medical matters. These data were collected from the World Health Organization and other institutions.

According to The Ipsos Mori Business Resilience Trends Watch 2018, 63% of people think travel-related risks have increased since last year. Security threats and natural disasters were cited as main reasons for changed travel plans.

So before you book a flight to anywhere in the world, check out how countries rank up against each other in these travel risk maps.

Here are the maps based on health risk factors

These are the maps based on security risk factors.

Finally, these maps are based on number of road accidents.

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