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Unique Iceland Hotels That Will Let You Watch the Northern Lights From Your Bed

Hotels are one of the most important parts of traveling and if you are bound to go to Iceland, you might want to book one of the bubble units and watch the stars from your bed before you sleep.


Traveling gives us all a great opportunity for a wonderful relaxing time. Most long-time travelers though would advise us to spend less on accommodation and spend more on adventures, but Iceland could actually offer both in a single fee with their incredibly unique bubble hotel.

A hotel in Iceland features a set of bubble-like units that are situated in a secret place in the country. They allow their visitors to witness the Northern Lights while they lie down on their bed. Indeed a magnificent adventure while feeling relaxed at once.

The Bubble hotel in Iceland offers a unique and close encounter with the Northern Lights.

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The Buubble website calls the establishment “The Five Million Star Hotel.” It invites interested travelers to “let your childhood dream of sleeping in nature become reality.”

The Five Million Star Hotel has five types of bubbles for accommodation. These include the Una, Asta, Thorunn, Valdis, and Maria units where each sleeps two adults.

The hotel keeps the exact location of the bubbles top-secret. The isolation helps achieve complete privacy to make the guests really enjoy the nature and the night sky. Furthermore, the bubbles are located in a forest and units are kept warm with air blowers. The website states:

“We take the privacy of our guests seriously, given the nature of our speciality lodge. Therefore we do not provide exact address of our bubbles until after you have booked.

We can, however, tell you it is a 70-minute drive / 93 km from Reykjavik in Iceland. It is close by Reykholt in Blaskogabyggd.”

Prices for the accommodation vary from ISK 28.900 to 29.900 (approximately 217€ to 225€) for one night of stay in a bubble. The units are furnished with a double bed and there is an access to a ‘shared service house’ where two toilets, showers, and a self-service kitchen are.

Here are some more photos of the magnificent Buubble hotel in Iceland.

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The bubble hotel is unlike any other normal accommodations though. No food is included in the price you’ll pay and you will need a bigger bag to pack your own amenities like towels, tissue, shower gel, shampoo, and conditioner.

If you want another way to experience the Northern Lights while lying on a comfortable bed, In Lapland, you will find the Levin Iglut Golden Crown where guests can stay in one of their 24 individual glass igloos. The hotel offers you the chance to see the Aurora Borealis surrounded by glistening white snow in winter.

The Levin Iglut Golden Crown is another hotel that offers a one-of-a-kind accommodation to tourists in Iceland.

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The family-owned business has two types of accommodation. The Premium Igloos are situated in a prime location with an obstructed view of the valley but will cost you around $472 per night. On the other hand, the Superior Igloo rates start at $390 per night.

The igloos have electric heated ‘non-fogging glass’ and air conditioning for every guest’s comfort. There are private small kitchen, shower, and a toilet too in every unit. The motorists beds in every room can be adjusted so you can be in the best position for watching the Northern Lights. Other amenities include free use of Wi-Fi, so you can immediately take your photos and videos of the place to social media immediately and make everybody on your friends list jealous of you!

The Levin Iglut Golden Crown website says:

“It was born from one man’s dream and began with four luxury-level glass igloos.

Now it boasts a total of 24 glass igloos that are supplemented by the services of a high-quality restaurant and the Northern Lights House, which can also host events.
Everything we do is still based on warm, personalized service.”

The hotel has an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 on the biggest travel site, TripAdvisor. With the good reviews from past guests, you will definitely be convinced to book a room.

Here are more photos of the mesmerizing Levin Iglut.

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