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20 Most Breathtaking Cinema Houses in the World that Will Take Your Breath Away.

Mini Malabanan





While most of us settle for regular movie theatres to enjoy the latest Hollywood film and a tub of popcorn, some people are lucky enough watch movies in breathtaking and beautiful cinema houses.

Just by looking at these cool cinema houses makes me wonder which makes the experience more memorable: watching your favourite movie or getting to sit in an incredible movie theatre?

Ranging from a hot tub to a floating movie theatre, these awe-inspiring cinema houses will redefine the whole experience of movie watching. Most of these places have a long history before becoming what it is today. Some were even restored after surviving fires and bombings.

One thing is for sure: these very unique cinema houses will blow you away. Check out the 20 most breathtaking cinema houses in the world.

#1. Paramount Theatre of the Arts in California

cin 4

Photo credit: Buzzive
#2. Sci-Fi Dine-in Theater in Disney Hollywood Studios

cin 5

Photo credit: Buzzive
#3. St. George Openair Cinema in Sydney

cin 6

Photo credit: Buzzive

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