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Woman Shares Grandad’s Strict ‘Boyfriend Rules’





Most of us have probably had to deal with our fair share of overprotective family members in our lifetime. Strict parents are usually a pretty standard thing to deal with. But what do you do when you have an overprotective grandad as well?

William from Lanarkshire in Scotland sent his 21-year-old granddaughter Amie McHugh a detailed list of ten “boyfriend rules.” The student, who hails from Airdrie in Lanarkshire, Scotland, took to Twitter to share her grandad’s list, which, like many messages from senior citizens, was written entirely in capital letters.

The rules read:

“Rule 1: He must be RC [Roman Catholic].
Rule 2: He must be Celtic supporter.
Rule 3: He must be working.
Rule 4: I must like him.
Rule 5: He must like me.
Rule 6: He must be financially well off.
Rule 7: He must never look at another girl while in this relationship.
Rule 8: He must be very kind.
Rule 9: He must have a car.
Rule 10: Whenever in my company he must offer to pay bill.
Ok, that’s it so far, ok.”

Alongside the post, Amie captioned it: “Howlin at ma grandas rules for ma boyfriend :)))))”

Amie shared:

“I just laughed as he always sends me daft messages on WhatsApp, so it wasn’t a shock when I seen it. Me and him are really close, we always have been. I just thought they were funny; I sent them to my pals and family before uploading it to Twitter. He’s went viral before with other messages. He’s a funny guy!”

Amie explained her grandfather has always been there for her and his list of rules were more of a joke. In fact, Amie is currently in a relationship and assured that her grandad approves of him.

So we now know that her boyfriend ticked at least one of William’s rules, which is #4: “I must like him.”

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