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Woman Rejects Indecent Proposal, But Watch What Happens When He Offers Her $3,000!





Prank channels have gained popularity in the social media. And since then, several pranksters used the platform to either entertain us or to help increase our awareness about some particular issues. Amazingly, some pranks and social experiments can highlight two basic points: the good and the bad in people.

RiskyRobTV is one YouTube channel that likes uploading videos that delve into the subject of gold diggers. In fact, Rob has done four pranks about them already. His recent antic entitled, ”Instant Prostitute Gold Digger Prank,” however, had gone quite famous. It has amassed more than a quarter of a million views, and more than 2,000 likes to date.

The title alone gives us an idea of what the trickster intends to do. He’d lure a random woman to make love with him. If the lady refuses, he’d show how much money he’s got and see if that would be a game-changer. Somehow, many people have this conception that women nowadays would go for any guy as long as he has money.

Whether it’s true or not, well, that’s what Rob and his crew would like to find out.

In the video, Rob approaches a woman who is reading a book in a park. He starts a conversation with her before later asking if she’d sleep with him.

Can you guess what happened next?

Watch the video and tell us what you think.

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