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A Woman In Labor Pulls Down Pants And Newborn Slips Out Falling Hard On The Pavement

I hope the baby’s alright!


Women carry their babies for nine months in their womb as they prepare for childbirth. In some cases, however, the baby can go out earlier than expected.

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Recently, a woman in China gave birth on the streets as she was walking leisurely while shopping. She grabbed her baby and walked home as if nothing happened. Now, a similar incident has been reported in the same country.

This time, a new trending video shows a mother pulling down her pants in broad daylight to deliver her baby, who fell straight onto the ground.

She was first heard moaning softly and struggled to pull down her lower garments.

Source: LiveLeak
However, as she was doing that, the baby slipped out from her pants and fell on the pavement with his umbilical cord still attached.

The mother appeared confused, looking calmly at her newborn who laid in a pool of blood and birth fluids. The onlookers were reportedly shouting to get help and another wrapped the baby in a piece of cloth.

People who witnessed the incident saw that the baby's cord was around his neck, shouting that the baby could die.

Source: LiveLeak

It is still unclear when and where the video was taken. However, Shanghaiist reports that the incident took place at a wet market in Jiangxi’s Le’an County.

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Many netizens were left concerned over the welfare of the baby since he dropped on the hard pavement. Others have speculated that the mother might be suffering from a mental health disorder.

However, reports show that the baby is in good health and is with his mother.

Source: Shanghaiist

They need to stay in the hospital for a couple of days for further observation. The mother has given birth to two daughters in the past.

Pregnant women should look out for the warning signs of labor and childbirth. This way, she can seek medical help or go to a hospital on time.

The signs of true labor include strong and regular contractions, low back pain, bloody vaginal discharge, and the bag of water breaks or there is a sudden gush of water from the vagina.

Watch the video here:

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