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Woman Writes Heartfelt Facebook Post About Her 98-Year-Old Grandmother

A woman gives a touching tribute to her 98-year-old grandmother, who helped raise her.

Faye Williams





A Facebook user from the Philippines named Jen Ampler is getting a lot of buzz after she posted a series of photos featuring her 98-year-old grandmother and herself. She also wrote a heartfelt tribute to her grandmother to accompany the photos.

The post went was published last June 24 and, by June 28, it had already been shared over 32,000 times and had gotten over 900 comments.

It’s easy to see why so many hearts were touched by the simple-yet-sincere expression of love from a grandchild for her grandparent.

The story and photos brought many people to tears.



Below is the translation of the tribute that has touched a lot of people and reminded them of their own grandmothers.

Inang, you took care of me from the moment I was born. Now, when I feed you and give you a bath, I can’t help but cry because I remember when you used to do this for me when I was little. You are 98 years old now, so let us do for you what you used to do for us.

A while ago, I made you stand up and I asked you to try to walk. You told me that you couldn’t do it anymore.

I am forever thankful that you never left me, my siblings, and Mama.

We love you so much. Please try to keep up your strength. We will always care for you as you grow old. You are no longer able to feed yourself, you are no longer able to bathe yourself, and you can no longer walk, so we shall serve as your hands and feet. We still won’t be able to repay you for the sacrifices you made for us.

I shed a lot of tears as I say, I love you, Inang.

The woman later thanked those who had kind words for her and her grandmother.

The woman and her grandmother have an unbreakable bond.

They have an unbreakable bond.

Their bond is priceless and has inspired others to pay more attention to their grandparents.

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