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Adorable Grandma and Grandson Win The Internet With Their Hilarious Costumes

We can’t get enough of this funny duo!

Mark Andrew





Our grandparents are the best and sometimes, they can make us laugh in the most unexpected ways. Case in point, a grandmother and grandson pair has been gaining a lot of attention online because of their hilarious antics.

Meet internet sensation “Granny,” 93, and Ross Smith, 27. The duo always had a blast coming up with funny videos and photos that just draw lots of laughter from everyone.

When Ross was still studying in college, he began shooting Vine videos for kicks with his grandma and things took off from there after one of the clips went viral – that one featuring the badass old woman blocking a basketball shot. 6 years later, the two have become social media rockstars, thanks to their millions of followers on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Just recently, Bored Panda featured Granny and Ross for their series of adorable photos wearing different costumes – ranging from cartoon and movie icons, to holiday-themed characters, and everything else in between.

Honestly, we have a feeling more people will fall in love with these two after seeing the pics.

Go check out their cool costumes here:


Pixar’s UP. Props to them for not only rocking the costumes but for also having the house, the balloons, and even the dog.


We’re in the Endgame now!


Thanksgiving just got a bit more interesting.


Poor tree!



Is that THE Chuck Norris? And where’s Granny’s left hand?!



Mona Lisa with a twist.





Probably one of their funniest costumes ever!


If you recognize these characters, you had an awesome childhood.


Who else wants to hear the music they put together?



The Gladiators!





Edgy Buzz and Woody. To infinity and beyond!



Christmas and booze- the perfect pair.


Love that shirt, damn!








For more fun and laughter, you can go follow Ross and Granny over at their official accounts on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

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