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83-Year-Old Proves Age is But A Number After Becoming Flower Girl During Granddaughter’s Wedding




  • An octogenarian rocked the wedding of her granddaughter in Wichita, Kansas as she took the role of a flower girl.
  • The lovely grandmother made the flower girl role so fun, she was the star of the event – next to the bride, of course.
  • She was photographed by Thomas Felts of Emporia and her joyful character stole even the attention of several media outfits.

Who would have thought that attending a wedding could be the start of getting famous online? Well this is exactly what happened to an octogenarian grandma who attended her granddaughter’s wedding.

It was when Thomas Felts, a photographer from Emporia took a snap of the bride’s grandmother, saying, “Once in a blue moon, I’ll look through my viewfinder and see a picture that automatically stands out.”

The wedding of Brenna Kleman and Brock Kendall with the bride’s grandma as the flower girl!

Apparently, grandma Kleman was not the typical grandmother during the ceremony. She was enthusiastic as she played the role of a flower girl so well; it brought a smile to everyone’s faces in attendance.

“Every time she threw more petals in the air, our family cheered louder.”


Brenna, who is a nurse y profession, said her inspiration came from a very sick elderly woman at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). According to her, the woman shared how she was a flower girl for her grandchild.

The bride also shared how the octogenarian had been so worried about how she was at the wedding ceremony. She was reassured as the bride’s sisters and even her husband, the bride’s grandfather, told her “how amazing she did.”


Brenna also commended the photographer for the awesome shots. An experienced photographer who had over 1,000 photo sessions and over 100 weddings under his belt, Felts had called the now-viral photo “an adrenaline-rush shot” which promotes the photography company’s tagline of “capturing timeless memories.”

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