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Believe It Or Not, This Stunning Woman Is Already A Grandma

Is she officially the world’s hottest grandmother?


Perhaps none of us thinks of a hot woman when we hear the word ‘grandma’ but after hearing about Alice Vasquez, we immediately had our brains rewired. Who knew that such a stunner could actually be a grandmother?

It’s hard to believe but it’s true. This woman from California has been capturing some social media attention after being featured on several websites. Now people are branding her as the ‘world’s hottest grandma.’

At 40 years old, Alice Vasquez is undoubtedly one sizzling grandmother!

In a DailyStar article, we learn that Alice is often mistaken by others as her daughters’ sister when they go out together. Needless to say, people are extremely shocked she isn’t only a mother but also a grandmother.

Apparently, Alice first became a mother at age 16 and by age 19, she already had her second baby. Eventually, her two children became parents in their 20s and so she ended up becoming a grandmother in her 30s.

“It’s nothing to be ashamed about.”

Speaking with the DailyStar, Alice shared:

“My daughter thinks the attention I get is fun. We motivate each other to live our best life despite the pressure of people judging us.

“People think we look like sisters and really think we had a hard life or some drama.

“It’s nothing like that… we just both fell in young love, and had kids young. It’s nothing to be ashamed about.”

Unlike typical gradmas, Alice still likes going to clubs.

And whenever she goes, men way younger than her sometimes try to hit on her – and they quickly get surprised once she reveals her age.

She said:

“When men find out I’m a gran, they are instantly amused by the title. They always want to know more about me.”

“Obviously I don’t look like a grandma – and I actually think men find it hot!”

For interested men, however, they’d probably be sad to realize they don’t have a chance since the yoga teacher is happily in a relationship with the man she dated in her 20s.

Maybe following her on Instagram should be enough?


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