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Wife Uses Black & Decker Power Tool To Give Husband Foot Pedicure

“I pissed myself, I thought she was joking at first, but she sanded my feet down.”


A dry foot is a common problem. Most people who suffer from this ailment go to the professionals to have it treated, but one man is pretty lucky to have a wife who found a unique way to beautify his dry and cracked feet.

However, this is not just your normal home service or DIY pedicure. Since according to his wife Jodie Richardson, Taz has “ogre-like” feet, so she needs a special item to clean them — like a power tool.

Dry and cracked feet is an unsightly beauty hang-up that can typically be sorted with any old foot buffer and some moisturizer. But Jodie has taken matters to all new extremes when she decided to buff her husband’s feet with a Black and Decker power tool.

Jodie started giving her 47-year-old husband this baffling weekly treatment after the pair first moved to the Canary Islands from Newcastle. Taz used to wear his trainers but was left with no choice but to swap them for flip-flops because of his cracked heels.

He said:

“I wear flip flops to work because it’s really hot here and they make the skin on my feet hard. So Jodie said ‘let’s try this’ and went to get our Black and Decker sander.”

Taz shared that he initially thought that his wife was having a laugh when she suggested the idea. But obviously, she wasn’t kidding.

He added:

“I pissed myself, I thought she was joking at first, but she sanded my feet down then put E45 on them – my feet were as smooth as a baby’s bum. It’s a hell of a lot cheaper than having pedicures; I’ll be having one every week now. It’s brilliant. I’ve had a few done now; I’m due one tomorrow. Jodie’s not bothered by it – she enjoys it. “


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