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Women Getting Matching Pawdicures With Their Dog BFFs Are A Thing Now

Get that matching pawdicure for a pawsome IG paw-to!

  • People are getting matching toenail polish with their dogs and they’re calling it pawdicures.
  • These pet owners are taking social media by storm as they share photos of their matching pedicures together.
  • You can join the trend with your beloved dog by going to the salon or doing it on your own.

Men and women love getting pampered. But there’s nothing even better than getting pampered with your family and friends. However, there’s a trend going on these days where women are getting matching nail polish with their pet dogs.

How paw-mazing is that, right? Summertime marks the time of the year when everyone plans to go on a trip or hang out more with their friends. Doing so, they’d prefer to be properly dressed and groomed for it. One thing is makeup, but women also want their nails clean and trendy for the occasion.

But some women who do not have plans outside the house or town, still get to have fun inside their homes. One quick trip to the salon or a little DIY experiment does the trick to make their vacations pawsome–a special bonding time with their fur-riend.

Plus, during this warmer season, we tend to wear slippers or sandals when going out and we do not want those peeking toe-nails a peeking disaster!

It’s totally easy, but double the fun. If you’re already used to doing your own nails or you have this go-to nail salon, it shouldn’t be a problem. This time, just include your dog (or dogs–the more, the merrier, right?).

Make sure to check the polish first before putting it on your doggo. Some nail polish products may be safe with human adults but not entirely with pets and children. So, you may want to check the labels.

A simple, plain matching mani-peds with your dog is already a great post for your social media account. But you could also go with a more adventurous and unique set of nails.

These different nail trends have been going around the internet. And it’s making our eyes twitch a little but still, we give our hands up to the ladies who make their way extra just to get their nails done with such… uniqueness!

Have you ever imagined your nails to be extra-long, sharp and pointy, furry, or a buffet of different food? If you’re not sure you (and your dog) want to, you can just check these weird nail art below.


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