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The 3 Wildest and Most Wicked GoPro Videos Ever Captured





Numerous people who love film and photography also fell in love with Nick Woodman’s creation: the GoPro.

Over the years, the improvements on its line allowed hundreds of GoPro enthusiasts to capture stunning and unbelievable photos and videos that permitted the audience to experience what the person behind the camera experiences.

In case you don’t know, GoPro awards up to $5 million in cash yearly to amateur and professional content creators. The company offers $500 for the best photos, $1,000 for the most amazing raw clips, and $5,000 for the most excellent video edits. All you have to do is to capture your passions on camera and submit them to their website for review.

This world is full of talented people, and the competition can be very steep. If you browse the internet, you’d probably see some amazing entries that can make your jaw drop.

Here are 3 of the most insane GoPro footages.

#1. BMX Backflip over 72 ft. Canyon
#2. Flaming Dive from a Building
#3. GoPro vs. Pit of Rattlesnakes

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It’s not too late. If you think you can do better than these, grab your GoPro and start filming.

H/T: GoPro, Michael Delaney

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