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Scientist’s Attempt to Identify World’s Cutest Animal Triggers Intense Twitter Challenge





Twitter account users have been tweeting lately about this friendly competition dubbed as the #CuteOff tweets which won the hearts of the many people in social media! How can you not love it? Scientist, animal-photographer-enthusiasts, and netizens have been tweeting the cutest animal photos.

Ecologist Anne Hillborn started the craze when she posted the #cuteoff hashtag ranting about her low chances of winning the #cuteoff posts as she spends “too much time taking pics (pictures) of carcasses and pooping animals. And genitalia”.

Here at Elite Readers, we listed down our top 15 (not necessarily in order) cute mammals, reptiles, and insects, among others, that would make your heart melt the whole time.

1. Tiny-tinnie baby sea turtle

2. The Rufous-eyed Brook frog saying “howdy” to the camera.

3. His cute smile makes me want to say “hi, I want to be friends with you.

4. The game is over! These cuties have stolen my heart.

5. The three baby groundhogs hanging out on the green grass.

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