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Whoever Built These Simple Structures Deserve the Darwin Award for Excellence

29 times when architects didn’t even try.


When building a house, office, or any other structure, builders and architects are required to obtain a permit. For this, building codes and regulations must be met before the authorities give the go signal.

So, it puzzles me beyond belief why these structures were ever made – did no one notice how crazy these other simple structures would have looked if they proceeded with the wrong plans or did the builders simply modify or misread the plans?

Whatever the reason for the mistake, the bungling builders of these crazy structures should receive the Darwin Awards for Excellence!

#1. That fan wasn’t really useful, anyway…


Photo credit: Reddit
#2. Because this toilet won’t ever need repairs…


Photo credit: Reddit
#3. Perfect. Simply perfect.


Photo credit: Reddit
#4. Because giants live among us, duh!


Photo credit: Huffington Post
#5. Because water always flows uphill!


Photo credit: Reddit
#6. What’s this? Railing for ants?


Photo credit: Zumlerr
#7. Best handicapped parking spot…ever!


Photo credit: Reddit
#8. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger…


Photo credit: Slightly Warped
#9. The view is awesome…and the bench, so comfy


Photo credit: Reddit
#10. Hand dryer for giants


Photo credit: Reddit
#11. There’s a secret door there, of course


Photo credit: Reddit
#12. Best wheelchair ramp in the world…


Photo credit: RealityPod
#13. Button #1 can bring you to 2 floors???


Photo credit: Reddit
#14. I want that 3D clock!


Photo credit: Reddit
#15. I love the extra railings…thanks!


Photo credit: Reddit
#16. Thanks for keeping the fire hydrant safe…


Photo credit: Reddit
#17. I bet this is a Harry Potter-inspired room…


Photo credit: Slightly Warped
#18. It’s alright…my wheelchair can fly


Photo credit: Reddit
#19. Best seat in the house?


Photo credit: Reddit
#20. Getting back down is going to be harder…


Photo credit: Reddit
#21. I bet they have a flying car!


Photo credit: Reddit
#22. Cool ATM — for kids!


Photo credit: Reddit
#23. Uh oh! Someone’s crab walking to get some tissue paper


Photo credit: Reddit
#24. Thanks for these very roomy seats….


Photo credit: Zumlerr
#25. The handicapped bathroom is just up those steps..


Photo credit: Reddit
#26. That second balcony is for Princess Jasmine and her magic carpet…


Photo credit: Slightly Warped
#27. Can your wheelchair handle this roller coaster?


Photo credit: RealityPod
#28. It’s part of an obstacle course, people!


Photo credit: Reddit
#29. There’s no need to knock to know this bathroom’s occupied


Photo credit: Reddit


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