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MMA Fighter Earns Ire After Fighting Security Guards

It is the modern David vs. Goliath fight!


Seeing men – and even women – fight on streets or public establishments is not a rare thing. Heck, these sort of events even get shared on social media sites, as many netizens seem to love the thought of violence. This is exactly what a viral video of an MMA fighter taking on a puny security guard is all about. It is like a David vs. Goliath scene but set in modern times.

The said video was courtesy of a Facebook page called Discover Subang Jaya. And believe it or not, they covered the incident like a real fight from the UFC octagon.

A video of a security guard going up against a huge MMA fighter is circulating online.

The post had a caption that said:

Live from USJ One condo. MMA fighter took on the guard that did not allow him to go up the condo.”

The colossal fighter can be seen taunting the small guard, as they argued back and forth. It remains to be unknown, however, why the guard did not allow the big guy to enter the vicinity.

Eventually, the man threw an Anderson Silva-like kick, but the guard did not flinch. To his surprise, the guard leaped forward and went for the legs. People commented their praises and applauds, as they did not expect such bravery from an underdog.

The intruder kicked the guard but he deflected the attack.

One user had this to say:

Hope these guys get a promotion and raise after this.”

The MMA fighter was known to be Darriush Kha Lili. He reportedly admitted his fault and went to apologize for the turmoil.

The mixed martial artist was known to be Darriush Kha Lili in Facebook.

Due to his size, four security guards were needed just to overthrow him. He was later on detained using a string.

While most viewers appreciated what the guards did, some were furious. They believe it was not the right thing to do, as the fighter could have been a guest whatsoever.

The guards were finally able to neutralize him.

The authorities came and took the MMA fighter in custody.

Another user asked about the incident and said:

Is this the ‘standard.procedure’ for apprehending an intruder?”

Regardless of who was right, people were amazed by the guard’s bravery in standing up against the MMA fighter. As for the fighter, the incident was certainly a lesson for him.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think:

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50-Year-Old Buff Singaporean Photographer Makes The Internet Swoon With His Youthful Looks

This man is oozing with sex appeal.

People have known about Asian women who are in their 40s but still looking like teenage girls. These ladies are blessed with good genes. That's not to say, though, that men can't also be blessed with youthful looks and Chuando Tan is proof.

Tan is a 50-year-old Singaporean photographer who is part of the duo ChuanDo & Frey. The international photographer has done shoots for Harper's Bazaar, Elle, Muse, and Jalouse, among others, according to Mothership. He and his colleague have also worked for ION Orchard Singapore, Levi's, Motorola, and L'Oreal. They also did the cover shoot for Janet Jackson's 2008 studio album "Discipline."

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More Than 200 Stones Found on Woman’s Body Due to Skipping Breakfast

Ms Chen has irregular food pattern and has been skipping breakfast for about 10 years.

Breakfast is considered the most important meal. It replenishes your glucose and provides other essential nutrients to boost up your energy throughout the day. Skipping breakfast makes people irritable, restless, and tired. However, this might not be the only disadvantage of not eating your morning meal.

Case in point, a woman in China was found with more than 200 stones in her body. The doctors explained it might be because she regularly skips breakfast.

The woman, identified only as Ms Chen, aged 45, started to feel abdominal pains about 10 years ago. However, she went against doctors’ advice to undergo surgery because she was afraid of going under the knife. It was only a week ago that she agreed to have an operation as the pain became unbearable.

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However, those who stay at it and pay the price ultimately reap the best rewards. Take it from this Filipino guy who recently took it to social media to share his amazing body transformation which he funnily hashtagged #HarambeToHaramBAE.

According to Hanz Rainier Arias, it took him a year of work to achieve this body.

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