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What A Whale Tried To Do To This Woman Will Make You Afraid Of These Creatures!

This woman was grabbed by the 3-ton animal and then dragged “30 feet below the surface.”

Mark Andrew





Some divers consider the whale as the gentle giant of the sea. Besides, these sea creatures are rarely aggressive and, like dolphins, their relatives, they tend to be friendly and show an inclination to meet and greet people.

As the video below shows us though, it appears that whales may not be as entirely harmless as we think they are. Like other animals, they also have their wild side. This scary underwater footage was uploaded by Animal Planet on YouTube and the description tells us that the snorkeler woman was suddenly grabbed by a 3-ton pilot whale and then dragged “30 feet below the surface.” The traumatic incident happened off the coast of Hawaii.

Watch the video here:

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Viewers on YouTube shared their insights regarding why the whale behaved aggressively in the first place.

One commenter wrote:

“The whale might have wanted to toy with her. Whales and many other animals do this quite frequently in nature. They have the brain of a human baby so if they want to toy with a much smaller and more fragile animal they can break it like a baby can do with its toys. It didn’t really seem like an actual “attack”.”

While another pointed out:

“It’s very sad that one of the most gentle animals on earth are portrayed as ‘aggressive”. This Lisa woman is invading their space, even disrespectfully touching them (I bet she would not have liked this from a human man) and then complaining about them. This is nature.”

What’s your take on this, our dear readers? Do you think the woman is at fault here? Sound off in the comment section below!

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Tiger Cub Rejected By Mother Finds A Best Friend In A Puppy

Who would have thought that a tiger and a dog can be best friends?

Inah Garcia



Friendship knows no age, race, ethnicity or religion. Diversity may separate us, but it is also the very same thing that binds us together in the end.

Take this Bengal tiger cub named Hunter and German Pointer puppy Chelsea as an example. Despite their apparent differences, they managed to get along with each other and actually became the best of friends. They are just too cute!

Chelsea is just three weeks older than Hunter. Both animals are being taken cared of by 22-year old Anthea Michaletos, who resides in Wildlife Sanctuary in Pretoria South Africa, where the two best friends also currently stay.

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Postman Won $10,000 for a Video of His Battle With a Grumpy Cat

A New York postal worker turned his battle with cat into something positive.

Faye Williams



Like many other postal workers, Joseph Cassidy encounters some challenges when he delivers letters and parcels. Cassidy — who works for the U.S. Postal Service in Syracuse, New York — faced an animal-related challenged whenever he dropped off something at one of the houses in his delivery route.

Most postal workers encounter overenthusiastic dogs that knock them down or end up drooling all over them. Some dogs are also very protective and bark their hearts out at the approach of postal workers.

Cassidy, however, does not have a problem with a dog. His nemesis is a cat.

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Indonesian Safari Park Allegedly Drugged Its Lion for Photo Sessions with Tourists

The NGO posted the video on its Facebook page to raise awareness about animal treatment. It has also called on the Indonesian Natural Resources Conservation Agency to investigate the issue.

Ann Nuñez



An Indonesian Safari Park is taking a lot heat from netizens after  a video showing an allegedly drugged lion during a tourists' photo session surfaced online.

In a video uploaded by Non-governmental organization Scorpion Wildlife Trade Monitoring Group, a woman and a young boy were seen sitting beside a lion cub, presumably for a photo session at Taman Safari, a safari park in Bogor, West Java. The lion cub was obviously drowsy and could neither keep its eyes open nor hold its head up. A park attendant was seen holding the lion's head upright when it could no longer do it on its own.

The NGO posted the video on its Facebook page to raise awareness about animal treatment. It has also called on the Indonesian Natural Resources Conservation Agency to investigate the issue.

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