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What A Whale Tried To Do To This Woman Will Make You Afraid Of These Creatures!





Some divers consider the whale as the gentle giant of the sea. Besides, these sea creatures are rarely aggressive and, like dolphins, their relatives, they tend to be friendly and show an inclination to meet and greet people.

As the video below shows us though, it appears that whales may not be as entirely harmless as we think they are. Like other animals, they also have their wild side. This scary underwater footage was uploaded by Animal Planet on YouTube and the description tells us that the snorkeler woman was suddenly grabbed by a 3-ton pilot whale and then dragged “30 feet below the surface.” The traumatic incident happened off the coast of Hawaii.

Watch the video here:

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Viewers on YouTube shared their insights regarding why the whale behaved aggressively in the first place.

One commenter wrote:

“The whale might have wanted to toy with her. Whales and many other animals do this quite frequently in nature. They have the brain of a human baby so if they want to toy with a much smaller and more fragile animal they can break it like a baby can do with its toys. It didn’t really seem like an actual “attack”.”

While another pointed out:

“It’s very sad that one of the most gentle animals on earth are portrayed as ‘aggressive”. This Lisa woman is invading their space, even disrespectfully touching them (I bet she would not have liked this from a human man) and then complaining about them. This is nature.”

What’s your take on this, our dear readers? Do you think the woman is at fault here? Sound off in the comment section below!

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